Nexeya Canada: Empowering Aviation Industry with Broad-Spectrum Expertise

Michael Della Fortuna, CEO
Based on the stringent standards and rigorous safety regulations found in the aerospace industry, innovation and change require an extra level of due diligence and advanced solutions. In addition to delivering creative and state-of-the-art solutions, organizations in this space work under tight timelines and cost pressures. “Traditional organizations develop off-the-shelf type products meeting the requirements of a specific market or function, resulting in multiple models or versions accompanied by higher costs”, says Michael Della Fortuna, CEO of Nexeya Canada. He adds, “We develop products that cut across markets and industries, keeping the core offering as a common platform and adding features and functions as ‘bolt on’ options, which enables us to offer creative and competitive solutions, incorporating lessons learned from the various markets we serve.” Nexeya is all set to change the status quo in the aviation industry with its variety of products and services designed and developed specifically for the commercial and military aviation markets. “With Nexeya, organizations are provided with the support, infrastructure, and backing of a large company, coupled with substantial personal customization services typical of smaller companies,” says Della Fortuna.

Nexeya Canada’s core competency lies in its electrical interconnect test product offering that covers everything from mechatronic solutions, power electronics and converters, wiring defect detection to wireless flight test data acquisition, conversion, analysis, and processing. Considering every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has its own internal mechanisms in addition to industry mechanisms, Nexeya offers products and services tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the clients. As opposed to its competitors dealing solely with the aerospace industry, Nexeya caters to a wider range of industries, including space, rail, automotive, construction equipment and communications. “We utilize knowledge and best practices from other industries to approach challenges differently, making it more affordable with our mixed cost structure, while following the aerospace industry standards,” says Della Fortuna. The organization, structure, and process of developing teams and projects at Nexeya is highly entrepreneurial. The brand signature “Let’s merge our talents” reflects in its employees and customer relations, and in project handling. Della Fortuna says, “Commercial and military aviation markets are not as mutually exclusive as they might appear—several systems cross between the two, and the knowledge gained from one is often useful in the other.”

With Nexeya, organizations are provided with the support, infrastructure, and backing of a large company, coupled with substantial personal customization services typical of smaller companies

The company works closely with OEMs, Tier 1 Suppliers as well as Operators and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities, with its products embedded in the client’s supply chain to provide a seamless experience.

One of Nexeya’s products is the model software and hardware in-the-loop validation and verification platform, which shortens development time and reduces costs for organizations. The system validates client ideas and any changes incorporated into them, following which, the model, hardware, and software can be developed. The funds saved on model validation can be reassigned for development, and prototyping.

Della Fortuna emphasizes that Nexeya does not merely sell test equipment, but understands all aspects of the test environment before offering hardware with features customized to enhance efficiency. “What differentiates us is that we understand the customer’s testing process from start to finish, and try to provide a seamless experience,” explains Della Fortuna. Nexeya’s expertise in this process proved highly beneficial to a client in the commercial and military aviation industry that designs and manufactures electrical systems. The client company was spending the better part of day hooking up and trouble-shooting their current test platform, all for a 15-minute test. When given the opportunity to provide an alternate solution, Nexeya understood their entire test process and provided a solution that reduced the set-up time from an entire shift to a short five minutes.

“Our year over year growth is a sign that using technologies and experiences from various industries has proved beneficial to Nexeya”, concludes Della Fortuna.

Nexeya Canada

Ontario, Canada

Michael Della Fortuna, CEO

Provides customized products and services to aerospace, space, rail, automotive, construction equipment and communications, specializing in Electrical Test Benches

Nexeya Canada