NexGen Power Systems: Enabling Next-Generation Power Electronics Based on Revolutionary Vertical GaN Technology

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Shahin Sharifzadeh, Co-CEO
Power conversion systems are used by all modern electronics and are present in a range of products, including mobile devices, portable computers, solar inverters, electric cars, motor drives, and data center servers.

Power transistors today are manufactured using silicon technology. These silicon power transistors however have been the catalyst for increasing performance in power systems over the last 30 years but reached their theoretical performance limits by about 2010. Silicon devices, therefore, are no longer able to deliver improvements in switching speed or resistance, therefore stalling innovation in power systems.

GaN devices bring incremental benefits in switching speed, efficiency and size – which is exactly what the market today demands. However, while other organizations built GaN devices by growing them on silicon or other substrates using many of the same processes as they do for silicon, NexGen focused on Vertical GaN i.e. GaN on GaN.

NexGen Power Systems has created a new generation of power electronics based on Vertical GaN technology that is more efficient than ever.

NexGen is the premier vertically integrated power electronics company that develops and manufactures innovative power systems with its revolutionary NexGen Vertical GaN™ semiconductor technology. Gallium Nitride has the same crystal structure as silicon and can be used to produce transistors, diodes, and other components.

Reduced component size leads to lower BOM cost. Therefore, a smaller size is always preferable in the power semiconductor industry as it is the only way to increase performance, reduce costs, and meet demand.

“We are developing an entire ecosystem around our transistors to make them the most efficient, smallest, and best-performing power systems based on NexGen Vertical GaN™ technology,” says Shahin Sharifzadeh, co-CEO of NexGen Power Systems.

These transistors are built using Gallium Nitride, which enables them to work efficiently at a higher frequency and voltage capacity. GaN on silicon switching peaks at around 1MHz, while Vertical GaN goes over 10+ MHz. This makes the power system a whole lot more efficient. To avoid system issues that may occur due to the high switching speeds, NexGen takes control of the entire production process – from growing GaN on the crystals to building the power system based on the transistor.
Leveraging this holistic approach, NexGen shrinks the power electronic systems to cost-effectively achieve better performance and efficiency.

NexGen Vertical GaN™ power transistors are manufactured using GaN substrates in their Syracuse FAB- 1 which is the world’s first and largest GaN facility where. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility FAB-1 is built over a 14- acre lot with over 66,000 sq. ft. of total manufacturing space, and 20,000 sq. ft. of clean room space. FAB-1 contains state-of-the-art tools for GaN epitaxial growth, materials characterization, device design and processing, electrical characterization, reliability testing, and product development.

We are developing a whole ecosystem around our transistors to make them the most efficient, smallest and best-performing power systems based on NexGen Vertical GaN™ technology

NexGen Power Systems is involved in many exciting projects. For instance, it is working with a LED manufacturer that needs to build smaller, more efficient LED drivers that are lighter and immune to heat dissipation. To help them, NexGen Power Systems used its vertical Gallium Nitride ecosystem, which includes numerous semiconductor materials and devices that provide the flexibility to design custom solutions for LED driving applications.

Another breakthrough the company has achieved is in gaming laptops. They usually come with extensive, bulky power supplies— called bricks—that power laptops while running on high graphics. Using its technology, NexGen Power Systems replaced these power supplies with more efficient ones that are lighter, compact and consume less power.

This is not just an improvement but a game-changer for the power electronics industry. This technology can transform data centers too. Organizations can save a lot of electricity and space by shrinking the power supplies for data centers, making them more efficient and effective. The company also plans to seek partners to enter the automotive market where such high-frequency systems are in demand.

NexGen’s vision is to create the smallest, lightest, and most efficient power conversion system in the world, and today they’re able to deliver that vision because of NexGen Vertical GaN™. Powered by this technology and innovation, the sky is the limit for NexGen Power Systems.

NexGen Power Systems

Santa Clara, CA

Shahin Sharifzadeh, Co-CEO

The company is changing the world of power electronics by providing power solutions for a more sustainable world through differentiated technology.

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