Nexgrid: Dedication To Novelty Makes Things Trouble-Free

Costa Apostolakis, Founder & CEO
Nexgrid, LLC, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Locust Grove, VA, offers utilities and consumers the ability to manage and monitor a smart grid or smart home network. The firm is a manufacturer and integrator of self-managing devices that offer utilities unlimited monitoring and control of metering and data for electric, water, and gas. The company's solutions utilize high speed, standardsbased communications to provide the most reliable energy data communication networks that enable energy management and utility operations in real time. Nexgrid's solutions deliver measurable savings that add up to a return on investment and can be measured in months rather than years.

Unlike any other system, Nexgrid as the industry's only whole end-to-end standards-based architecture- provides an integrated communications solution coupled with head-end Smart Grid solutions. With the unique ability to provide wireless mesh communications for private networking that extends from distribution to metering to consumers, the firm’s solution allows end consumers and utilities to make out many benefits. Nexgrid's solution offers real time communication for the management, monitoring and control of the electric distribution grid. The solution provides seamless metering, load control, load management, outage and restoration management, disconnects & reconnects, Smart Home, two-way messaging, real-time pricing, video surveillance and more.

Nexgrid's ecoOne helps Utilities build smarter grids with ecoOne Data Management software which acts as a central Meter Data Management platform and Energy Management System for Utilities. IntelaHome of Nexgrid— industry's leading customer web portal gives real time spending and usage reports, energy audits, and comparisons against nationwide benchmarks for energy usage profiling.

The products of the firm are based on a standards-based, open source platform that utilizes broadband communications to provide a real time two-way, secure infrastructure for smart grid and smart home solutions.

We deliver a truly comprehensive and game changing smart grid solution

Nexgrid’s water meter interface gives users a real-time, two way, standard-based water AMI system. EcoSwitch SL, a ZigBee based wireless streetlight controller, enables remote management of streetlight functions through Nexgrid’s ecoOne software system. The most sophisticated data management system of Nexgrid’s Energy Data Server (EDS) makes the company attractive from its competitors. IntelaMeter XT, ecoStat, ecoNet Wireless Smart Grid Gateway are the remaining key products.

Nexgrid’s specialized services are offered to give a hand in project management, network commissioning, network design and engineering, installation, and training. The company’s annual maintenance and support agreement also provides remote administration and access to Nexgrid's technical support online portal 24x7. The firm’s software and services allows utilities to deploy and run unlimited advanced applications, including smart metering, demand response, distribution automation and distributed generation, over a secure, broadband based network. The firm's ecoNet wireless mesh network is an open, Internet Protocol (IP) based platform that allows continuous and twoway communication between the utility and intelligent end devices on the grid.

Through Nexgrid's commitment to innovation, its customers are better informed and able to manage their network without much hurdle than before. The firm’s depth of expertise is matched only by its breadth of excellence across multiple disciplines and best practices.


Locust Grove VA

Costa Apostolakis, Founder & CEO

Offers utilities and consumers the ability to manage and monitor a smart grid or smart home network