Nexica: Unabated Virtual Ecosystem Backing

Sergi de la Torre, CTO
Being prepared for the unexpected is always a smart choice. This is why organizations opt for disaster recovery (DR) solutions to prevent their IT infrastructure and applications from natural disaster, unanticipated downtime or unfortunate human error. To put things into perspective, a research report by Gartner estimates that between 70 to 90 percent of companies that experience a major loss of computerized data go out of business within two years. “The demand towards DR solutions is growing rapidly, but ironically, these tools are the ones more often left out from the IT budgets,” explains Sergi de la Torre, CTO, Nexica. “Because other projects are prioritized instead.” What industries need along with reliable DR solutions is an equally established partner that can offer a DR model for a steadfast recovery at a lower ownership cost. Barcelona based Nexica meets the requirements of both ends by providing continuity for businesses 24X7 through its test-proven DR solution, which is developed around a pay-as-you-go model.

The DR expertise of Nexica extends to IT environments of all shapes and sizes. “Whether it’s a physical IT infrastructure or newly adopted virtual ecosystem, our engineers can implement DR across both habitats,” says Torre. In case a customer has a heterogeneous environment—with a mix of physical and virtual servers, Nexica’s accountable cloud architects work closely with the client to deploy DR solution that fits both worlds, by mixing replication strategies depending on the source environment.

Nexica has tailored various data replication methods to serve the varying demands of the industries. “Mostly, we choose hypervisor-level replication, as it is the easiest and most transparent way of replicating virtual workloads between datacenters,” explains Torre. Hypervisor-level replication also allows automated DR replication and periodic tests to ensure data is protected; without disrupting client’s production systems.

The hypervisor level tool that Nexica is currently developing is based on the DR solutions of Zerto—a company providing disaster recovery software for virtualized infrastructure and the cloud.

Whether it’s a physical IT infrastructure or newly adopted virtual ecosystem, our engineers can implement DR across both habitats

“With this tool, our customers can replicate their VMs independently if they are based on VMware or Hyper-V,” explains Torre. Nexica has also joined hands with NetApp to expand its presence in the DR landscape. “We replicate data from NetApp arrays to our datacenter to deliver DR for any virtual or physical workload located on the replicated NetApp volumes,” adds Torre. Another partner on Nexica’s list is Veeam Software, a company known for building DR solutions for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments. “Our partnership with Veeam goes way back when their Cloud Connect Service was still in the early beta stages,” reveals Torre. Today, Nexica is using their DR software to deliver a cloud repository to any Veeam customer.

Various firms have benefited from Nexica’s DR portfolio, which is supported by powerful partners, hailing from European and American continents. Currently, Nexica is working in tandem with CSUC (Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya), the regional entity that clusters all the Universities of Catalonia, to consolidate entire University’s data on a standard service catalog. The project involves collaborating with IT departments of each University to ensure all of their data recovery and replication demands are met.

Torre considers his engineers, architects, partners and consultants as the fuel for Nexica’s success. In the years to follow, the company will be in congruence with the cloud evolution to build prominent DR features for public cloud platforms for enterprise customers to stay steps ahead of the unexpected events.


Barcelona, Spain

Sergi de la Torre, CTO

The company provides hypervisor-level replication for the virtual workloads