Next Gear Solutions: Reimagining Job Management for Restoration Contractors

The restoration market has many players. Franchisees and independent restoration contractors try to navigate this space with their very own version of workflows that are mostly paper-based. The need for these companies to work in some of the worst conditions like water damaged sites and fire damaged properties has them seeking workflow tools that offer real-time updates and transparency; Mobile workflow tools that are scalable, produce measurable results—where paper-based workflows fail. Next Gear Solutions, an Oxford, MS, based company, enables restoration contractors and franchisees of all sizes to demonstrate how they perform, operate, and deliver “best-in-market” restoration services. The company does this by providing a multi-level set of tools that connect technicians in the field by capturing information from their mobile devices and relaying it in real-time to the estimator or project manager reviewing this information in the office, and ultimately to the owner reviewing financial performance and reports. This bottom up method of connecting multiple parties through real time data capture is accomplished through DASH’s cloud based infrastructure.

Next Gear’s claims management platform, known as DASH Enterprise, offers what we believe to be the best in market total solution for the restoration industry

“Next Gear’s claims management platform, known as DASH Enterprise, offers what we believe to be the best in market total solution for the restoration industry,” says Nick Hindle, CIO, Next Gear Solutions. The software provides a package of functionality to meet restoration business needs. At an enterprise level, it offers real time data collection, reporting, electronic signature in the field, and many other exclusive features. At the client connect level DASH allows insurance companies, adjusters, and claims stakeholders access to their claims and jobs in real time, giving them the transparent reporting and visibility they need. At an administrator level, the software plays a vital role in streamlining the claims management process.
Nick Hindle, CIO
From a franchisor level, the ability to dispatch and automate compliance management ensures franchisees know how to complete and how they’re being measured on a job.

DASH Enterprise is optimized for mobile, and it is not just a website fit to the size of the screen. Available in both the iTunes and Google Play app stores, DASH’s native mobile app takes advantage of existing and emerging mobile technology bringing the power of DASH Enterprise into the field. “Real time documentation has never been easier—making a massive impact on claims efficiency and back office administration,” remarks Hindle.

With an extensive understanding of the restoration market, Next Gear Solutions strives to provide its clients with an understanding of the importance of practical and efficient processes. “We do this by immersing ourselves in a client’s operating methods to fully understand their workflows and identify their strengths as well as their areas for improvement,” says Hindle. In one instance, Next Gear helped a Franchisor network, looking to win a new insurance carrier, successfully demonstrate how their entire network of franchisees were already operating to the carrier’s desired SLA’s. The data on franchisee performance and the manner with which it could be shared proved to be valuable to the insurance carrier. “With our software, they were able to ‘win’ an opportunity for the first time and are now poised to start handling claims,” claims Hindle.

Going forward, Next Gear Solutions is moving into new international markets currently serviced by some of their clients. DryTrack, which is Next Gear’s exclusive offering in the drying science space, will become a key differentiator for the company in the coming years. “Additionally, we look to invest in not just new technology, but the right technology. As a technologist, I believe that we must do this to ensure we can deliver the best in market solutions at all times,” concludes Hindle.

Next Gear Solutions

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Nick Hindle, CIO

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