NexTec Group: Driving Sage ROI

Eric Frank, Co-founder & CEO
Modern technology innovations, increased business complexities, and heightened compliance requirements have increased the demands for greater customization of business management systems and applications. As a market leader in delivering robust and cutting edge ERP, CRM, HRMS, and BI solutions, Sage has been at the forefront of the this battle, helping companies mitigate complexities while meeting compliance needs. However, as each individual business across industry verticals has unique and frequently changing requirements, these technology investments require immense knowledge and expertise to transform efforts to fruition. Having worked with Sage suite of products for over two decades, NexTec Group leverages industry standard technology and integrates its proprietary reporting and analytics tools to deliver robust business applications. “NexTec’s mission is to help growing companies build bright futures with technology,” says Eric Frank, Co-founder and CEO, NexTec Group. “It is in our DNA to help companies become more successful by unlocking the value and power in their business management solutions.”

As an acclaimed Sage Authorized Partner, NexTec Group provides an array of intelligent business management solutions tailored to address the complex operational and business challenges faced by its clients. With the cognizance of customers’ unique business requirements, NexTec Group takes an informed approach in evaluation, selection, and customization of business management solutions.

Founded in 1994, NexTec has a network of expert consultants across U.S. and Canada with decades of experience in the implementation and management of Sage X3, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage CRM. NexTec’s certified technology experts are equipped with in-depth knowledge and market exposure in core solutions and integrated applications arena. These experts help clients to customize business application interfaces while integrating Sage solutions into their existing IT systems.

NexTec’s ability to stay up-to-date with current technology innovation, such as cloud, has propelled it as the leader in the Sage consulting space. As more companies from startups to large enterprises across verticals vie for a cloud-enabled IT infrastructure for mobility demands, NexTec has been at the forefront of this transition providing an easy onramp for businesses to benefit from cloud implementation of their ERP, accounting, BI and sales automation systems.

It is in our DNA to help companies become more successful by unlocking the value and power in their business management solutions

The company also provides on-premise versions of Sage software to address the needs of their diverse client portfolio. The company has also developed their own proprietary technology in the form of add-on solutions to Sage X3 which is unique in the marketplace.

The sheer strength of NexTec’s capabilities has empowered the company to address the demands of businesses including wholesale distribution, durable goods manufacturing, process manufacturing, financial services, and engineering and professional services. The redemption of ERP investments have been profound in the industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing, distribution, oilfield services, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical device.

For instance, Elmer Candy Corporation, one of the most successful chocolatiers, faced difficulty in managing sales and supply chain partner engagements due to its legacy AS 400 system that was difficult to maintain. Miscalculations and inefficiencies in sales and distributions, that too during the peak season, meant a great loss for the company. Nextec Group was soon engaged to address this issue. NexTec implemented a full suite of Sage solutions comprising Sage X3 financial, distribution and manufacturing suites, Sage HRMS, Sage Payment Solutions. Elmer Candy has now seen significant improvements in inventory accuracy, order allocation, production tracking, and real-time decision-making.

As a member of the Information Technology Alliance (ITA), NexTec Group believes in sharing ideas, information, and forging relationships to deliver greater results to its clients. With the relentless technology innovation, NexTec Group is bullish to customize its service offerings to meet the evolving needs of its individual customers.

NexTec Group

Seattle, WA

Eric Frank, Co-founder & CEO

A provider of impressive Sage suite of solutions tailored to address customer’s unique business demands