NextShift: What’s next in HealthTech?

Rob Tedesco, Co-Founder & CEO
“Creating better healthcare” is the mantra that drives NextShift, a provider of innovative solutions and services to healthcare and life science organizations, transforming and synergizing Marketing and Technology (MarTech).

To meet the increasing need for flexible and highly integrated technology solutions designed to simplify healthcare engagement and improve patient outcomes, Rob Tedesco (CEO) and Imran Deshmukh (CTO) co-founded NextShift in 2013. They engaged Josh Caggiula (CMO) in 2015 to support the continued growth of the business and expand multi-channel marketing capabilities.

NextShift is endeavoring to have a powerful impact in areas such as Connected Health Platforms, Cloud Transformation & Agility, and Marketing & IT collaboration.

Connected Health:

NextShift believes that technology is increasingly a backdrop to everyday life, and, as such, has the power to change behavior for the good. In light of that, the company focuses on “integrated” solutions—one example is their Artificial Intelligence Life Assistant (Aila™) connected health platform. It combines Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, digital channels and conversational interfaces in a robust but simple way. It empowers people to become their own caregiver and take control of their health outcomes.

Cloud Agility:

Many organizations that NextShift supports are embracing the cloud “revolution” by transitioning their infrastructure and application portfolios over to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. To deploy a well-architected cloud environment that is secure, compliant, and cost effective, companies must engage experts in the cloud space that understand the regulatory environment. Tedesco says, “It’s not an area that can or should be pieced together, as that will result in a poorly executed solution. Thanks to my partner and CTO Imran Deshmukh, NextShift has built a team with expertise in the cloud space from design to deployment to automation.”

NextShift believes that it can change behavior and improve lives with technology as a backdrop to everyday life

Marketing and IT (Yin & Yang):

NextShift understands that within organizations, Marketing wants more, done faster in order to gain a competitive advantage. IT wants control, but has limited resources, and is expected to keep up with the latest trends. Marketing ends up engaging outside agencies to implement their digital tactics. This means that IT inherits technology choices that fail to consider enterprise scale and standards. To address this, leading organizations should create digital operating models that foster a streamlined and methodical strategy for Marketing teams to engage IT and their trusted vendors. “We developed a model called “controlled decentralization” to provide marketing the agility they expect, and IT the control they need to deliver solutions that can be leveraged across the enterprise,” remarks Tedesco.

The talented team at NextShift creates customized enterprise platform solutions, from mobile apps to cloud transformation approaches, and from EHR integrations to AI, to meet clients strategic objectives and support their their digital transformation. “We’re finding that large vendors are incentivized to create one-off tactics that don’t conform to enterprise standards. Our experience and agile services address lack of reusability and wasteful spending by integrating enterprise standards into our solutions,” says CMO Josh Caggiula.

Driven by unrelenting aspiration to advance healthcare, NextShift collaborates with its clients to define and create innovative platforms and solutions, toward the overarching goal of creating better healthcare.


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Rob Tedesco, Co-Founder & CEO

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