Nexus Global Business Solutions: Connecting Knowledge while Delivering Quantifiable Benefits

Larry Olson, Chairman, CEO and President
Technology has raised productivity and reduced costs worldwide in the manufacturing sector. Advances in technology coupled with changing labor demographics are proving to be the key elements shaping the new business model. “The challenge I feel is the connection of technology to corporate strategy and goals,” begins Larry Olson, Chairman, CEO and President, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. “Too often we are in companies that have been sold technology and they struggle to make it work, reason being that it wasn’t designed and developed on lean principles nor has the process in which it functions been considered during design.” Nexus Global brings process into its design strategy and implements a solution built on a robust process.

“We provide the experts that enable our clients to move from the concept stage to strategy development, creating the means to implementation,” says Olson. The company stays on the edge of thinking creatively and has helped the evolution of traditional consulting to a new and refined method of coaching and virtual support through its Business Optimization software.

The company partners with manufacturing clients across the globe to implement manufacturing methodologies as powerful strategic weapons. “Our focused approach enables companies to develop and deliver new products very quickly, which dramatically reduces manufacturing time and inventory cost,” claims Olson. Nexus Global experts offer a novel gathering of integrated, dynamic solutions including; Training, Consulting/ Coaching, Software, Manpower Services, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), to assist clients in implementing high-performance capability.

With dedicated employees working relentlessly on the latest technology, Nexus Global is releasing its new product on the market with a strong belief in revolutionizing the consulting industry. “Due to be released in September of 2015 is our newest product called “Business Optimizer”,” says Olson. The product provides clients with a virtual assessment instrument aligned to all the most recent standards, which include ISO, ANSI, API, OHSHA. The product is SaaS hosted or enterprise-based and will have the capability to compare all the companies’ sites.
It has a built-in scoring system to compare the entire client progress against maturity from a criteria based action oriented mechanism. Business Optimizer aims at providing an interface between the client and the consultant in a virtual environment where virtual consultants assist and guide the clients. The Business Optimizer tool is unique and focuses on aligning the organization from a business foundation to a cross-functional alignment of people, processes, and plant.

Nexus Global’s long-term success of client partnerships is based on its responsiveness to the market. For instance, a multi-national oil company wanted to stabilize the cost to maintain offshore and onshore installations, while at the same time, increase maintenance planning and scheduling effectiveness. In response, Nexus Global developed a complete work management process focusing on process adherence which incorporated design, development, and implementation including the use of a computerized maintenance management system and in-house training. As a result, the client achieved 90 percent schedule compliance and 98 percent preventive maintenance compliance (over 20 percent higher than previously achieved). The maintenance productivity was also moved from 30 percent to over 75 percent and resulted in an increased production output of 18 percent.

Our focused approach enables companies to develop and deliver new products very quickly resulting in reduced manufacturing time and inventory cost

Moving forward, the Nexus Global is committed to develop, produce, and deliver quality solutions that guarantee value added competency gains for the clients. The company is focused on innovation and look ahead to sharpen their ability to think “outside the box.” Nexus Global is planning to conduct workshops, both virtual and classroom, and act as the instructional trainer in helping companies develop best practice approaches.

Nexus Global Business Solutions

Houston, TX

Larry Olson, Chairman, CEO and President

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