NexxCom Wireless LLC Addressing Increasing Low Latency Needs of Hybrid Wireless and Fiber Networks

Sal S. Benti, Chairman & founder
With a multitude of applications deployed across the device spectrum, the need for high performance digital connectivity is on a steep rise. Fiber providers are trying to live up to this connectivity demand by bridging metropolitan centers to core networking spots. “However, with small resource sites proliferating around the U.S. and Europe, constructing fiber to every single location of operations is impossible due to sheer costs. There is an increasing requirement for an alternative digital connectivity approach to fiber that was robust, available and reliable. NexxCom fulfills this need,” notes Sal S. Benti, Chairman of NexxCom. Leveraging economical alternatives, NexxCom is a full spectrum network provider of high performance circuits for customer connectivity with plug and play solution.

NexxCom handles the complete customer relationship cycle including network design, project management, spectrum licensing, facility acquisition and management, install, commissioning, and on-going service requirements. The company also manages the facilities that the wireless capabilities rely on with its in-house, time zone diverse 7/24/365 network operations centers.

NexxCom believes in employing company owned and developed technology and limits deployment and integration of off-the-shelf products. “Much of the digital technologies that we deploy in our networks belong to us and is company developed intellectual property. We are constantly improving and developing our technology to a point where we will be introducing 10 gigabytes per second capability in the near future,” explains Benti. NexxCom also provides high performance broadband capabilities to a number of vertical market segments such as alternative access solutions for route diversity and potential disaster recovery for Data Centers and Carrier Hotels.

“NexxCom is a compliment to fiber carriers,” adds Benti. In the Carrier and Enterprise vertical the company works closely with companies like AT&T in the U.S. to service their end user bandwidth requirements. The company has partnered with Level 3 Communications—an American multinational telecommunications provider, on the largest worldwide hybrid-fiber Trans-Atlantic sub-sea route, connecting NY and London financial markets. “We supply capabilities to many well known fiber carriers in the U.S. for off-net services where customer access is not yet available or economically feasible to build fiber to,” Benti reckons.
“Many of the fiber providers in the U.S. and European continents don’t reach everywhere but they have clients who have facilities which are just too expensive or perhaps take too long to extend fiber. NexxCom provides a very economical solution that integrates quite readily with the fiber network, since we will interface at OSI Layer 1,” narrates Benti.

Benti further elucidates that financial services firms (Banks and High Frequency Traders) require building and maintaining absolute lowest latency services to remain competitive. NexxCom probably has 25-30 percent of U.S. and European Equity, commodities, futures and currency trades running over its networks, which have been largely private networks thus far, although Benti adds that NexxCom is providing more shared bandwidth networks due to industry demand for its services.

We are constantly improving the technology to a point where we will be introducing 10 gigabytes per second capability very economically with an entire suite of value added capabilities in the radio

Going forward, NexxCom’s focus is on solidifying its strategy as a full spectrum network provider that employs best-in-class technology. “We will continue to improve wireless communication capabilities and will look to employ fiber technologies in co ordination with wireless,” says Benti. The company is developing a new technology in the high performance wireless offering, which will provide very economical millimeter wave capacity of 10Gbps per radio. Benti strongly believes that it would be an absolute industry game changer and the most economical radio in terms of deployment costs in the market.

NexxCom Wireless LLC

La Jolla, CA

Sal S. Benti, Chairman & founder and S. Jay Lawrence, CEO & Founder

A full spectrum network provider of high performance circuits for customer connectivity