nFüsz [OTCQB:FUSZ]: The CRM Masterminds

Rory J. Cutaia, CEO One of the most crucial aspects of businesses throughout the history has been customer relationship. Since customer relationship management (CRM) is an indispensable facet of a businesses’ success, people always go for the best way to do it. At this juncture, Hollywood-based nFüsz, Inc. [OTCQB:FUSZ] is creating an impact in the industry by completely redefining a CRM, lead-generation tool’s value proposition in the modern video-centric business and social environment. The nucleus of the company’s offerings is notifiCRM, an enterprise-class, fully scalable CRM built around their proprietary “Video-First” notifi technology. This advanced technology places interactive video front and center in every customer and prospect communications.

"In order to deliver true innovation, we must focus not on what is possible, but on what is not yet possible"

Most of today’s run-of-the-mill CRM features are just limited to facilitating and tracking basic contact information via text or emails between the sales team and their prospects and then reporting it to management. This is where notifiCRM stands a mile ahead by assisting salespersons with easy-to-use-tools that get attention and engage prospects while dramatically boosting their sales. “The traditional solutions should actually be called SRM products, and not CRM products, as they handle only the relationship between the sales team and sales management. What they don’t do, is give the sales team a real tool that actually helps them close deals—to sell,” says Rory J. Cutaia, CEO, nFüsz. But, organizations can harness the potential of notifiCRM to set-up customized groups, and choose interactive video content to send to one or more of their contacts, and also track the results seamlessly. Moreover, importing contact lists into CRM is no more a cumbersome task with notifiCRM.

nFüsz advanced notifi technology empowers clients with 3D-like, interactive videos in which a company’s spokesperson appears to walk onto targeted recipients’ mobile and desktop screens to explain the products or service. This feature provides sign-up assistance, information gathering, and even induces impulse-buying capabilities in, and during the video. With notifiCRM, customers or prospects can respond to one or more calls-to-action right in the video, driving conversion rates up dramatically.

notifiCRM assists salespersons with easy-to-use-tools that get attention and engage prospects while dramatically boosting their sales

“Our completely cloud-based distributed SaaS architecture allows clients to produce, distribute, and track interactive videos without a proprietary platform as well as independent of devices,” explains Cutaia.

Inspiring Innovation in CRM

With notifiCRM, clients can actually upload their existing product and service videos to the platform and then simply and easily add interactive elements. There’s no need to re-create their existing video catalogs. Imagine using your own product videos and being able to add a “BUY NOW” button that stays on screen throughout the video that allows your customers and prospects to buy your product while they’re watching your video when their interest level is at its highest. That’s a real game changer in the CRM and e-commerce marketplace. “Picture this, a 3D-like salesperson walks out onto the screen of your mobile or desktop device and explains a product or service,” states Cutaia. “The salesperson then places a virtual phone pad on the screen, invites you to input your phone number, and then connects you immediately to a live call center for customer support, sales, or product information—all in real time, all in the video, and all while you’re emotionally still in ‘ready-to-buy’ mode. Our tests showed that no matter how engaging a video is, or how much interest a video generates, once a prospect has to leave the video and take additional steps to respond to a call to action, you lose 75 percent of them,” states Cutaia. These features allow even the most inexperienced, unskilled salespeople to achieve the results of seasoned professionals. Other features include, automated marketing capabilities, such as built-in drip campaigns, data collection, and both dashboard style applied analytics and detailed analytics reporting, as well as real-time e-commerce facilitation. These features virtually guarantee sales success through a simple, intuitive interface. notifiCRM can be an effective sales tool for any firm, including network marketing organizations, consumer brands, music, film and TV companies, retail stores, and hospitals. Complementing the notifiCRM platform, nFüsz offers a suite of solutions including notifiLINKS that allows users who don’t need a complete CRM solution to distribute interactive video links through email, text messages, and even post on social media such as Twitter.
Their notifiWEB product allows customers to create and display sales, product, or corporate videos with ‘clickable’ interactive links on their WordPress and other template-based websites, and their notifiADS product allows customers to embed interactive video links in ads that can be placed virtually anywhere online. Recently, nFüsz announced a deal with uBid. com—an online auction-style and fixed-price shopping website, to provide uBid. com with interactive, real-time, video-based online auctions. This new client will be a real showcase for nFüsz’s notifi technology, and will place nFüsz on the radar of all major online retailers in more than 25 categories, including electronics, collectibles, jewelry, and travel, among many others. Ketan Thakker, CEO of states, “The nFüsz interactive video technology coupled with our state-of-the-art auction capabilities will place us at the forefront of the next generation of online auctioning.”

Redefining the Future of CRM

From the outset, Cutaia refused to create another run-ofthe- mill CRM; he re-imagined how organizations could leverage the power of interactive video as a communications medium to influence their customers’ and prospects’ buying behavior. As both visionary and leader, Cutaia has taken the “entertainment technology” company to new heights by instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in every nFüsz team member, encouraging them to be creative, to think out-of-the-box, drive innovation, and realize their own full potential. Leveraging the company’s ‘Tinseltown’ roots, Cutaia has tapped Hollywood star and entrepreneur Nick Cannon as nFüsz’s chief strategy officer, and for its foray into pro sports opportunities, Baseball Hall of Famer Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas as nFüsz Advisory Board Member. Cutaia is confident that nFüsz’s celebrity firepower combined with its technical prowess will propel the company further into the entertainment and sports industry, both of which are ripe for the company’s interactive video products and services. “In order to deliver true innovation, we must focus not on what is possible, but on what is not yet possible,” states Cutaia. It is this type of forward-thinking strategy that separates organizations ready to embrace the reality of the soon-to-be new business paradigms, from those still focused on holding onto what they incorrectly perceive to be the safe, secure, and familiar status quo. In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, even the large incumbent brands are vulnerable to the next nimble startup with forward-thinking leadership and disruptive technology. nFüsz is certainly one such company poised to not only disrupt the status quo, but redefine it.


Hollywood, CA

Rory J. Cutaia, CEO

nFüsz has reinvented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today’s video-centric business and social environment