NGC Software [NASDAQ:AMSWA]: Ensuring Timely Production with PLM Software

Mark Burstein, President of Sales, Marketing, R&D
With the line between fashion and technology starting to blur, many brands and apparel companies are embracing new and innovative techniques to stay abreast of the current market trends. However, in the race to increase sales and customer satisfaction, the market volatility and lack of visibility across supply chain and shop floor, can become roadblock for many apparel retail organizations. At this juncture, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software (NASDAQ:AMSWA), NGC Software supports brands, retailers, and consumer product companies by providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Shop Floor Control software and services. Bearing a revolutionary vision to develop best-in-class software for apparel and fashion companies, NGC Software was established in 1982. Since then, the firm has remained true to its original vision, subsequently expanding its operations from a single office in Miami to a global company having branches across the Americas and Asia to support customers internationally.

The company’s executive leadership, product development teams, and implementation experts have extensive experience in retail, fashion, and consumer products, combined with technical excellence. NGC Software’s suite of products and services help organizations to increase profitability, improve speed to market and product quality, reduce costs, and effectively manage compliance and testing. With the firm’s PLM solution, enterprises can fulfill their specific needs. and gain real-time visibility on product data while sharing information that are related to planning, merchandising, design, costing, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. Since PLM is a flexible, collaborative platform, it can be deployed as stand-alone product development solution or an integrated application within an enterprise.

In order to support organizations, sourcing and purchasing products around the world, NGC Software provides a powerful web-based application, SCM or Global Sourcing. This solution aids organizations to share production and logistics information among all members of the extended global supply chain which includes retailers, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, agents, brokers, carriers, and freight forwarders. Additionally, the offering can be integrated with all enterprise applications, while at the same time; it can be configured based on the customer requirements.

NGC Software's suite of products and services help organizations to increase profitability, improve speed to market and product quality

NGC Software also specializes in offering a configurable system—Shop Floor Control—for manufacturing businesses. Shop Floor Control helps provide real-time labor and production reporting throughout the customer’s factory network. The system also supports organizations to effectively manage the shop floor by optimizing on-time completions, evaluating plant workload, determining capacity needs, tracking employee performance, and calculating complex incentive payroll. “The system supports and processes entries in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese languages and implements unique data collection methodologies such as real time modular monitoring and real time WIP data,” affirms Mark Burstein, President of Sales, Marketing, R&D.

NGC Software’s solutions are strongly acclaimed by some of the leading brands such as Jockey, Nautica, The North Face, Dupont, and Stony Apparel. To shed light on one of NGC Software’s success stories, Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, an importer of quality children’s and women’s apparel seamlessly standardized all PLM and SCM processes and improved overall efficiency by effortlessly collaborating the systems. Earlier, the customer used manual processes for product development and supply chain management, which made its workload control and collaboration a consistent struggle for the users. By deploying NGC’s fashion PLM and SCM solution the client was able to untangle the challenge, which in turn resulted in timely and effective production.

Taking positive strides towards future NGC Software endeavors to remain true to its vision of developing best-in-class software for apparel and fashion companies.

NGC Software

Miami Lakes, FL

Mark Burstein, President of Sales, Marketing, R&D

Provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management, ERP, and Shop Floor Control software and services