Nice Actimize: Exposing the True Intent behind Market Events

Puja Agrawal, General Manager, Financial Markets Compliance
At its core, NICE Actimize strives to offer consistent, comprehensive, and nimble compliance solutions that are adaptive to new requirements and regulations,” says Puja Agrawal, General Manager, Financial Markets Compliance, NICE Actimize. “The success of our approach to the market is based upon our vision of offering our clients a holistic view of risk.” The company differentiates itself by providing the widest portfolio of compliance-focused solutions covering Holistic Surveillance, Control Room/Information Barriers, Buy Side Surveillance, and Sales Practices and Suitability.

Founded in 1997, NICE Actimize offers a wide range of compliance solutions that identify financial crime, prevent fraud, and ensure regulatory compliance. In addition, the solutions also accelerate visibility into complex cross product and venue transactions, and help organizations achieve greater operational efficiency and transparency. “Our portfolio of unique compliance solutions helps enterprises stay compliant, effective, and competitive while also lowering risk and chances of reputational damage,” explains Agrawal.

With more than a decade of experience in complex over-the-counter (OTC) markets and exchanges, NICE Actimize’s industry-leading Holistic Surveillance solution provides powerful integration and analytics that look across all asset classes, instruments and channels of communication, enabling financial institutions to connect the dots, recognize patterns of risky behaviour, and identify compliance breaches that might otherwise be difficult to find. The solution allows adherence to Europe’s MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) and other similar laws globally by exposing true intent behind market-events while providing the ability to reconstruct the complete OTC trade cycle as required by the U.S.’s Dodd-Frank regulation.

NICE Actimize prides itself on its ability to act as a single provider for enterprise compliance needs, offering the full depth and breadth of coverage that firms need today. “The opacity and idiosyncrasies of FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities) trading business have resulted in dramatic changes across the compliance management landscape,” says Agrawal.“We’ve seen that OTC markets are no longer too big, too deep and too smart to be manipulated and have recently accounted for many affected reputations among firms.” To combat these practices, NICE Actimize offers enterprise-class FICC analytics to detect and prevent malpractices transpiring across asset classes.
“Rather than applying a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, our solutions have been crafted to fulfill the respective needs of individual asset classes and instrument types,” says Agrawal.

“Electronic trading is now responsible for approximately 75 percent of the Forex market. While electronic trading supports liquidity, it also presents opportunities for exploitation and market abuse,” says Agrawal. NICE Actimize efficiently tackles concerns of this high-speed market, and comes up with sophisticated algorithms to separate legitimate activities from noise. All of this, coupled with company’s expertise in addressing key compliance painpoints, allows them to serve many top-tier global institutions. To address the rapid pace of regulatory changes, NICE Actimize has also added focused investment to enhance its existing cloud offering to bring a comprehensive cross asset class solution to the cloud. “Besides offering these and other valueadded benefits, our solutions incorporate a single comprehensive risk case manager to monitor end-to-end risks,” she added.

In one example, a large global firm chose NICE Actimize’s Holistic Surveillance solution to address timesensitive regulatory pressures at both its Buy Side and Sell Side operations. The out-of-the- box approach of the solution helped the client to gain a holistic view of complete trades, meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate predictive, preventative compliance to regulators, clients and investors.

Our portfolio of unique compliance solutions helps enterprises to stay compliant, effective, and competitive while also lowering risk and chances of reputational damage

Driven by customer demands, NICE Actimize continues to invest in cuttingedge technology including Big Data and “right-time” processing to build worldclass solutions for today’s globally interconnected financial markets. “Our culture is focused on building a robust set of solutions that provides next-generation compliance intelligence and supports compliance-driven best practices for our clients,” concludes Agrawal.

NICE Actimize Inc

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Puja Agrawal, General Manager, Financial Markets Compliance

Offers wide range of compliance solutions that identifies financial crime, prevents fraud and supports regulatory compliance