Niche Video Media: Allowing Customers to Brand, Share, and Monetize Their Video Content

Adhering to the concept of being a video platform for community building can be quite a strenuous task. Niche Video Media’s Co-founder and CEO, Raj Rajasekar, believes his company can deliver valuable communication via videos which can thoroughly engage audiences. Founded on the notion of implementing identity and access management solutions, Niche Video Media today maintains a private ecosystem for businesses that manages both reach and privacy for their media contents.

Headquartered in Cumming, GA, the company responds to the media requirements with a secured streaming video platform to individuals and businesses allowing customers to brand, share, and monetize their video content to a global audience without investing in video infrastructure. Niche Video Media securely stores its client’s video content in the cloud, linking it to their website and brand, so that it can only be streamed to authorize users.

Knowing that customized video content management and delivery system is the next great opportunity, Niche Video Media created The Private Media Channel that gives businesses the ability to define their own private ecosystem for the acquisition and delivery of multi-media content, optimized for video. “We provide a Private media channel to every customer along with a sub-domain URL to them, that can be marked and made to look like their website and they can invite customers or marketing groups to view specific videos,” says Rajasekar. This ensures that videos are protected from unauthorized copying and have restricted viewership for authorized spectators. The Private Media Channel gives an entry towards monetizing the content to recoup the business’ investments in several ways, without relying on advertising revenue. Besides focusing on security, monetization and branding, the company offers vast services in live broadcast, infrastructure, globalization and collaboration of video content.

Collaboration is offered by several competitors–but in ways not compatible with security or privacy. Rajasekar remarks, “What differentiates us from competitors is that with our platform approach, we allow the customer to mix and match the features that make sense to their business model and white-label it for maximum intuitiveness with their audience.

Niche Video Media mainly lands its eye on the training institutes, post production companies and micro businesses that require transfer of vital information through videos.

"Niche Video Media securely stores its client’s video content in the cloud, linking it to their website and brand, so that it can only be streamed to authorized users"

The company offers these businesses a way to provide their training services to a geographically and linguistically broader audience while supplying monetization. When a Belgium based Fortune 1000 customer had to collaborate with documents and videos of their next generation products, they chose Niche Video Media’s platform. The organization’s content had to run through their marketing, legal and engineering departments, and the problem laid in securing the content across the work flow in its final step towards production. The client explored the usage of The Private Media Channel to integrate their innovation process which ultimately provided security to all the product videos in their private eco system.

Going forward, Niche Video Media will be adding its native mobile applications for Apple and Android devices to extend the reach and immediacy of communications. “We will improve the workflow of the review and approval process for organizations that can produce video for clients by integrating time-sequenced blue-pen annotations,” states an enthusiastic Rajasekar. Immediacy, monetization, and live streaming will be enhanced by adding real-time chat in addition to the document libraries that will be implemented at several levels to provide more collaboration options.

Niche Video Media

Cumming, GA

Raj Rajasekar, CEO

Provides a cost effective secured streaming video platform.