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Andrea Wallack, CEO
The intricacies of eDiscovery often overcome the dexterity, experience, and assets of litigation support teams. From unfamiliar technologies and data privacy regulations to massive volumes and security concerns of data, the challenges are staggering. Minneapolis-based NightOwl Discovery has the global competence to ease things out. The company empowers their clients with enhanced security by successfully delivering data loss prevention systems, file integrity management, single use passwords and encryption in transport and at rest. Out of all the daunting challenges, CEO Andrea Wallack believes security and privacy arethe primary and growing concerns in the eDiscovery market. She asserts, “NightOwl, as a single source partner, manages risks associated with collecting information from disparate sources and providing data to multitudes of requesting parties.”

NightOwl offers high-level expertise on collection tools and enables firms to obtain higher levels of return on investment. Managing massive data archives and improving data economics is imperative in the eDiscovery landscape. “We create an indexed and manageable environment with set retention policies and disposition schedules to manage large data volumes,” states Wallack. In addition, the company stays a few steps ahead, converting legal expenditure to review large data sets into a corporate intelligence asset. Data economics improvement is all about building value, mitigating risk and focusing on reuse and interpretation of analytics.

A successful enhancement of data economics and efficient data archive management followed by improved information governance can be achieved through a deeper understanding of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). NightOwl offers end-to-end solutions for every step in the EDRM, delivering fully managed turnkey solutions, both on-premise and in the NightOwl Cloud. “Through a continuous process of innovation and improvement, we design solutions that make discovery smarter, faster, and more cost-effective year after year,” extols Wallack. The company experts research and adopt new technologies with the full backing of NightOwl’s research and development lab that uses the Stanford University innovation model to explore industry thinking and drive creative problem solving.

Through a continuous process of innovation and improvement, we design solutions that make discovery smarter, faster, and more cost-effective year after year

This includes strategic alignment, industry foresight, and client readiness.

Emerging straight out of the company’s innovation lab is NightOwl nVision®—a turnkey discovery program that includes early case assessment, data processing, advanced analytics and data hosting. The solution leverages kCura’s® Relativity® Platform with the backing of NightOwl’s application interface and legal project teams to deliver a streamlined discovery experience. A financial services company that wished to simplify the growing complexity of their discovery, which was costing them over seven figures a month, approached NightOwl. The NightOwl nVision® program provided cost-predictability and significant savings through data consolidation and volume discounts.

The client’s data was migrated from three different platforms to a single customized Relativity® environment. This enabled the customer to migrate data across cases as required, saving extra processing, collection, and hosting costs. Eventually, the client’s processes were streamlined, the data clarified, and the total cost reduced by USD 350,000 each month.

Surging ahead, NightOwl continues to vet developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning and will continue to explore elastic computing with KCura® to deliver high performance from large data workspace environments. In conclusion, Wallack reveals, “Our experts are working hard to facilitate discovery in emerging environments including the Microsoft Cloud. In line with our global expansion plans, NightOwl continues to expand further into Europe, Asia, and Russia in order to maintain privacy compliance for its expanding global client base.”

NightOwl Discovery

Minneapolis, MN

Andrea Wallack, CEO

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