NightOwl Discovery: Continuous Innovation Takes Top Priority

Andrea Wallack, CEO Spiraling cost, dramatically increasing data volumes and cyber risk is urging many organizations today to seek a better way of performing discovery processes upon the first notice of inquiry. Apart from the electronic discovery obligations of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), a major challenge distressing organizations is implementing a unified discovery solution within current environments where electronic records reside in disparate and often time incompatible systems. Organizations must not only search for the information in local repositories and email servers, but also incorporate and integrate discovery process across social media platforms and cloud environments. What they require is to have a defensible process in place coupled with technology solutions that offer compliance audits and establish a repeatable and defensible workflow. With over two decades of experience in addressing complex discovery obligations, NightOwl Discovery delivers a seamless discovery technology and workflow solution that spans the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) from early stage hold and ECA, to consulting, collection, analysis, and finally through review and production. “Our discovery management programs can help break down internal silos in corporate legal groups to reveal the true value of data being held for legal purposes,” remarks Andrea Wallack, CEO, NightOwl Discovery.

Although many legal firms today have acquired technology to solve certain parts of the discovery process, companies can struggle with use and workflow when it comes to implementing and configuring applications for optimal performance. “We are always vetting the newest and best applications so our significant expertise with these platforms helps us to deliver better value of legal technology investments,” adds Wallack. To maximize Return on Investment (ROI) and mitigate corporate risk, NightOwl offers nSpect®, an assessment program designed to measure four strategic areas—system deployment, staff knowledge, workflow, and internal procedures and documentation. Through interviews and system examination, an nSpect expert can quickly identify problem areas, provide on-going training and recommend solutions that fit the current requirement, budgetary constraints, and design workflow. NightOwl also offers a host of fixed-cost and customizable data portfolio management tools such as nVision®, nSight®, and nPractice® that help build operational excellence, while significantly saving costs.

Complete Discovery Solutions

By combining the best products in the industry, like kCura’s suite of software such as the Relativity hosted review platform, with complete support from NightOwl's legal team, nVision shines as the ultimate discovery solution.

Since many corporate legal groups still operate in silos, NightOwl’s discovery management programs help to break down internal silos and reveal the true value of data

With nVision, organizations can solve problems related to producing, analyzing, and reviewing large volumes of information in the legal, investigative, and regulatory landscapes. The turnkey discovery program provides a financially predictable model and includes legal hold, data processing, and data hosting. It delivers a proactive data portfolio management long view, which helps facilitate the re-use and disposition of information. “Because NightOwl values long-term relationships with clients, we follow a customer-centric approach and demonstrate through metrics how a proactive process can create a foundational playbook for years to come,” says Wallack. Turning the traditional industry pricing model upside down, nVision promotes price predictability and enhances value by simply applying the principles of economy of scale to the discovery process.

One case in point is a large financial services company with more than 20,000 employees and offices throughout the world that faced out-of-control discovery costs, which spiraled to over six figures every month. Apart from the growing expense, the company’s collected data was split among multiple vendors and a variety of hosting and review platforms, making litigation management extremely difficult. “This company was unable to effectively evaluate and determine reuse opportunities relevant to data previously collected for other legal events, and continued to pay for repetitive collection, processing, hosting and review,” explains Wallack. nVision enabled the client to effectively assess their data universe and underlying opportunities. NightOwl helped consolidate data from three different hosting and review platforms to one, with which the customer could easily migrate data across cases as possible—while avoiding unnecessary review expenses.“This newly streamlined process brought much-needed clarity to the company’s litigation preparation and also reduced their ongoing discovery costs by an astonishing $150,000 a month,” says Wallack.

Maximizing the Value of Discovery

To further simplify the process of discovery for those clients who are not looking for a long term commitment, NightOwl offers nGage which combines the same world-class technologies and staff available with nVision. With nGage NightOwl makes it simple to process, host and review electronically stored data at a value not previously available in the market. Another comprehensive offering that specifically enables law firms to deliver high value discovery services to their clients is called nPractice.
“Built around the Relativity hosted review platform, the nPractice program comes with a detailed utilization reporting that shows monthly consumption for each individual matter and workspace,” points out Wallack. This can help law firms deliver high value discovery services to their clients, without the expense of infrastructure and long-term licensing commitments. NightOwl has recently developed a data visualization tool called nSight, in an attempt to make discovery smarter, faster, and more cost-effective. The nSight client portal is a web-based dashboard that provides legal teams with direct, real-time access to mission critical aspects of their legal projects 24/7. Accessible via web or mobile, it offers easy navigation to an ediscovery project's most important metrics. The tool provides an overview of matter progress, data analysis and provides review metrics through actionable insights. “With nSight, a client can see a complete list of cases, custodians, documents, collections, review progress and production status,” states Wallack. Overtime the tool acts as a portfolio manager, offering high level and customizable capabilities unique to each client’s needs.

"We win engagements because smart buyers are looking for depth and expertise, not a commodity"

Benchmarking the Discovery Difference

Continuous innovation takes top priority at NightOwl. The company’s leadership follows a hands-on approach to address client delivery models, which is all about creating a strong foundation for growth and continuity. “At NightOwl we employ a flat management style and we don’t use gimmicks to thwart competition. We win engagements because smart buyers are looking for depth and expertise, not a commodity,” states Wallack. NightOwl’s emphasis on progressive workflows, programmatic approach to data portfolio management, transparent fee based subscriptions, and focus on reuse and interpretation of analytics is what sets it apart from its competitors.

Moving ahead, the company plans to expand its footprint in Europe and Asia in order to maintain privacy compliance for its surging global client base. Keeping in mind the volatile nature of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is driving organizations to rethink their privacy and security models, what the world now needs is a universal human standard for collecting, storing, and evaluating potentially private information. This requirement will continue to increase policy and regulation as well as the risk factors associated with managing digital assets. “The industry is experiencing complexity as it evolves and in such a time we will continue to lead with our ever expanding selection of discovery technologies while building teams and systems that are flexible,” ends Wallack.


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