Nimbix: High Performance Cloud Processing

Stephen Hebert, Director & CEO
High performance computing and supercomputing have historically been associated with iconic companies such as IBM or Cray who have built multi-million dollar machines and supercomputers for those elite few organizations who have required such massive computational horsepower. According to Nimbix, however, there is a growing need for cloud hardware and software solutions to serve the multi-billion technical computing industry.

The trend for utilizing larger supercomputers is also no longer contained only within traditional scientific domains, but because of the dramatic growth in digital data, the need for more computing power has become common across many industries.

To help address this emerging computing challenge, Nimbix has tailored its cloud offering around high speed batch processing. Leveraging the latest computational accelerators, such as DSPs, FPGAs, GPUs, and Xeon Phi, Nimbix claims to deliver better throughput at a lower total cost for high performance cloud resources.

Nimbix delivers cloud solutions in Bioinformatics, Computer-Aided Engineering, Imaging, Analytics and others fields through an easy-to-use, pay-per-use web service. “The Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud (or NACC) service is fast, affordable, secure and highly scalable to help users extend HPC processing capacity into the cloud,” states Steve Hebert, co-founder and CEO of Nimbix. “Our goal is to help organizations innovate faster and tackle big processing challenges,” he adds.
The Nimbix service is offered through the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud Portal at, but also through an innovative Processing API which enables a user to launch many iterative cloud processes with a simple web command.

Hebert explains that their ondemand service offering is different from other cloud solutions. “Many of the established cloud players have built a web-service around the machine, but the Nimbix web-service is built around large processing tasks.” According to Hebert, this not only improves processing performance, but makes it easy for its users to launch large computing tasks.

With a focus on performance and cost optimization, Nimbix also offers private high performance managed solutions, including managed hosted compute clusters and colocation services in their state-of-the-art facilities based in Dallas, TX.

Having both cloud and managed dedicated solutions makes Nimbix uniquely positioned to support applications requiring high performance. HUGEdata, a customer who offers a high-speed database analytics solution, highlights, “With Nimbix, we can deliver storage and computing capacity almost immediately. And we look forward to leveraging Nimbix’s knowledge of bioinformatics and accelerated computation into new features and capabilities in our database”, said Martin Zacarias, CEO of HUGEdata.

Serving customers around the globe, Nimbix has emerged as a leading player in cloud computing.


Dallas, TX

Stephen Hebert, Director & CEO

A provider of cloud-based high Performance Computing infrastructure and applications for Life Sciences, manufacturing and analytics applications.