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Sergio Cipolla, CEO
Companies must transform their business model and explore unique ways of leveraging technology to deliver a better customer experience and create new products, services, and ultimately, new revenue streams.

As a part of this transformation, companies deal with many challenges, since determining how companies need to transform is a complex business decision.

Rather than just an "implementer" enterprises need to find the right partner who has not only the technical expertise, but operates as an advisor that guides the company throughout their digital transformation.

Enter NIMBL, a global SAP partner driving business transformation by providing agile solutions that combine business advisory, technological expertise, and a passion for innovation. The company aids large enterprises and mid-sized clients to capitalize on SAP's well-established solutions to maximize their benefits. Through SAP's benchmark-based products, the firm assists companies facing different complexities in various industries. "We help customers throughout their transformation and support them both locally and internationally," states Sergio Cipolla, CEO of NIMBL.

NIMBL supports customers in implementing SAP S/4HANA as part of a cloud migration strategy and is also a partner of Google, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. The firm establishes a trusted relationship with its clients and leverages its in-depth knowledge of SAP products to drive business transformation conversations with a high touch advisory approach.

Through thorough discussions, NIMBL understands clients' actual challenges and helps them determine a path forward while also considering the business objectives.

During these discovery sessions, the firm takes a consultative approach, and through detailed demonstrations, NIMBL shows clients how different solutions and technologies can be adopted and ultimately leveraged to take their business to the next level.

Since SAP S/4HANA is an incredibly powerful business platform with well-established processes, it has a tremendous adoption rate. "We are activating what is available in the standard solution rather than having to reinvent the wheel," adds Cipolla.

The firm accordingly defines and strategizes plans, and it leads to a simpler and more streamlined implementation with less complexity in a minimal time frame.

Moreover, NIMBL works on analytics, enterprise performance management, and CX transformation. The firm covers the end-to-end spectrum and can support customers from a managed services perspective, as NIMBL assists customers throughout their entire journey, from the initial stages of planning to post-implementation.

For instance, it was challenging for a well-known retailer in the US to manage enormous volumes during their peak season. NIMBL worked with them to help them move to a more modern S/4HANA platform and assisted the client in the implementation and migration of their entire cloud infrastructure. The retail client benefited significantly as their new ERP application managed large amounts, and all the transactions and orders were processed while the infrastructure could scale up and down depending on the demand. NIMBL successfully showcased how leveraging the SAP S/4HANA technology with the right configurations and integrations between different components could lead to better efficiencies and outcomes.

We help customers throughout their transformation and support them locally and internationally

NIMBL has a strong and trusted relationship with SAP and works closely with them on delivering innovation to their clients. Their partnership provides an incredible opportunity for enterprises to realize how to leverage SAP’s offerings to enable their digital transformation. NIMBL is the North American operation of a global organization called Techedge Group, which has about 2,500 employees worldwide with operations in Europe, North America, and Latin America. Because of its expansive portfolio and geographical footprint, NIMBL stays a cut above the rest as it can help customers throughout their business transformation and support them throughout the world.


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Sergio Cipolla, CEO

NIMBL helps companies embrace the circular economy and transform into digital leaders with technological innovation. NIMBL is part of a global yet flexible organization built upon strong digital competencies, shared commitment, and trust.