Cloud business solutions are widely used in mature countries, but in developing markets like South East Europe they are still not that broadly accepted. As part of the application software evangelization in that region for the last 12 years, Balkan Services offers solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM, BI, CPM, ECM, and acts as a niche player meeting specific customer requirements. The company has dodged many obstacles in the ever-evolving technology landscape and has achieved a solid position as a reliable partner to clients, paving their path for future success. After the introduction of the first solid BI technologies in the market few years ago, Balkan Services, now, is a leading part of the NetSuite expansion in the region. While reflecting upon all local and regional challenges in the SaaS area, Vladimir Rashev, Managing Partner, touches upon the further investments and activities of the company in the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Balkan Services main aim is always to solve intricate business challenges through modern technology solutions and platforms, which will also support customers business for many years to come. The partnership with NetSuite came as a native development of the company and is meeting not only the aforementioned aims, but also provides the possibility to lower implementation time, simplifying the end user adoption and lowering IT costs.

Balkan Services’ success in providing best-in class cloud solutions is attributed to their unique and thorough understanding of the customer’s business and their goals. With the growth of the company they have managed not only to expand the team, but also to add precious experience and know-how in almost every business area, which currently is benefitting their customers. The added value of this knowledge has enabled them to execute more than 400 implementation, extension, cross-sell and support projects with more than 200 clients for the time being.

Balkan Services’ success in providing best-in class cloud solutions is attributed to their unique and thorough understanding of the customer’s business and their goals

Apart from the partnership with NetSuite and other international solution vendors, Balkan Services has invested time in developing its own niche products. FiVa is a verticals software solution, developed specifically for manufacturers and wholesalers who use various distribution channels for their products. The solution automates the process of collecting and verifying sales-out data of distributors. This gathered information facilitates faster and better management decision-making. VendroMedia is another solution that caters to companies that want a fast and easy way to attract the right viewers through display ads. It offers a digital platform for fast and easy commercials playlist setup, displayed at visualization devices, regardless of their location around the globe.

Going forward, Balkan Services’ strategic aim is to gain greater recognition in the south-east and central Europe. In addition, Balkan Services is actively looking to extend its collaboration with NetSuite to develop newer systems that appeal and impacts the Central and South East European market. “Our customers view us as reliable partners they can count on. We aim to strengthen this trust and bring better innovations to the technology world,” Rashev concludes.


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