Nintex: Data-Driven Workflow and Content Automation

James Roberson, VP of Drawloop Division
Technology is creating an unprecedented network of information and interaction. Driven by advances in computing power, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been crowned as the next major wave of innovation. Tech innovators, along with enterprises in advanced stages of digital transformation, are integrating AI into the fabric of their business to possess the ability to store and analyze large volumes of data in the cloud.

One AI innovation is Salesforce Einstein. Marketed as a ‘data scientist’ that is built right into the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Einstein learns users’ data and delivers predictions/ recommendations based on a users’ own processes. “Nintex Drawloop, a top app on the Salesforce AppExchange, is well positioned to leverage the intelligence derived from Salesforce Einstein to continuously improve the automation of documents within the Salesforce platform as well as drive smarter cross-platform workflows,” explains James Roberson, Nintex Vice President, Drawloop Division.

Roberson adds that by leveraging data, Nintex is making process automation more intelligent to enhance the overall customer experience, “We’re delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time to improve operational productivity and excellence—including driving increases in revenue.”

A continued enterprise effort is a focus on digital transformation. Every company wants to connect to customers in smarter ways and generate a ROI. Enabling the fast and accurate creation of data-driven document packages, using enterprise data and templates, and defining how documents are delivered to customers is part of that transformation. “As Salesforce assists its business partners in becoming customer-focused enterprises, Nintex is setting the standards in Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) to ensure our customers have the critical capabilities that help businesses improve how work gets done, which in turn helps them get more out of their Salesforce investment as the system of record for tangible action,” adds Roberson.

Nintex Drawloop leverages the intelligence derived from Salesforce Einstein to continuously improve the automation of documents in the Salesforce platform as well as drive smarter cross-platform workflows

To grasp the power of Nintex with Salesforce, consider two customer success stories:

First let’s look at Meritage Homes, a builder delivering new homes across the U.S. Meritage needed unique business rules for documents at multiple levels: state, county, city, and project. By transforming Meritage into a data-driven selling enterprise, Nintex helped the builder reduce its unique document requirements from 1,000-plus documents down to 80—completely transforming the management, compliance, and the speed at which Meritage Homes services its customers.

Second, take Yamaha, which has provided a variety of products and services centered on sound and music since its inception in 1887. With the help of Nintex, Yamaha achieved a streamlined service to automate more complex documents like Master Dealer Agreements and legal agreements across their numerous retailers. With WCA technology from Nintex, end-users were given functionality to automate document generation from within Salesforce at the click of a button. This reduced their document creation times from hours to minutes, freeing up more time for Yamaha employees.

It is clear that WCA becomes more powerful with analytics including those coming from Salesforce Einstein. “Salesforce is a strategic partner to Nintex, and we’re ready to enable even more powerful actions to occur as Einstein tells us ‘what’s next’ in the business process,” concludes Roberson.


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James Roberson, VP of Drawloop Division

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