Nisum Technologies: Brand Value through Technology

Imtiaz Mohammady, CEO
Predicting the next tech trend is hard to do. However, Nisum’s approach to its clients has always been a consultative and flexible one. “We help our clients with the unique challenges each brand has in today’s competitive environment. We help organizations make emotional connections to their customers, by helping them transform their brand through technology and by providing end-to-end consulting services” affirms Imtiaz Mohammady, CEO, Nisum. At the core of Nisum’s success is trend resistant client satisfaction. Nisum has a highly skilled, nimble delivery model, which understands retail at a deep level, cultivating enduring partnerships using long-term solutions. That is how Nisum exemplifies brand value.

As a global business and technology consulting firm based in Southern California, Nisum helps its clients develop and implement smart technology solutions. A trusted advisor to Fortune 500 clients, Nisum is deeply focused on understanding their clients’ business model and technology landscape, in order to realize opportunities with sustainable solutions. Nisum’s team of experts help clients collect and analyze data in real time, which increases customer satisfaction and ROI.As businesses today are focused on customer-facing features, like ship-to-store or buy-online-pickup-in-store, Nisum delivers an omni-channel suite of solutions to create scalable back-end technology that can quickly anticipate the next trend. The omni-channel suite spans a broad spectrum of solutions, from eCommerce, inventory, order management, and POS to CRM. “We have identified five key building blocks for retailers to build and implement their omni-channel strategy quickly,” stresses Mohammady. This suite provides a360-degree customer insight which identifies the customer by their shopping activity, integrates inventories for order processing, manages inventory for cross-channel visibility, consolidates product information, and fulfills customer order.

On the product development side, Nisum’s recent introduction of NoiseGrasp has add¬ed an affordable AI-powered marketing prediction platform to its offerings. This tool uses machine learning to optimize an organization’s marketing mix by using internal, competitive and market data.This product was warmly received at the 2015 Digital Summit, showing great potential as it is introduced to the market.

We enable transformation for industry-leading brands, and provide end-to-end consulting solutions

The company has gained deep technical expertise over 15 years, and has used its experience to create integrated solutions that deliver real and measureable growth for its clients.“As a full-spectrum services company we allow our client to think in a better, faster and more affordable way, and help them grow market share and realize ROI in a crucial manner,” says Mohammady. Nisum not only provides technology solutions, but it also understands business problems, builds product strategies, and allows customers to implement through its IT platform. For instance, a Fortune 50 retailer faced problems with omni-channel implementation to fulfill order demands from multiple places. “We observed, evaluated, and implemented a customized order management solution on a very aggressive timeline and budget which ena¬bled our client to process over a thousand orders per minute,” explains Mohammady. This allowed them to rapidly grow, in not only the online space but also their in-store ordering capabilities.

Nisum takes great pride in its people, and is continually striving for higher levels of excellence through commitment to their mission and core values. “Our dedicated team brings solutions, such as NoiseG-rasp, which are the forefront of current technology trends,” says Mohammady. The company is growing in solutions and geography, with rapid expansion across North and South America, as well as adding more innovative products to its portfolio. “Whether you’re a hot start-up, or a major global brand, our approach is the same: forge the most powerful connection possible between people, processes, and products in order to achieve unparalleled success,” concludes Mohammady.

Nisum Technologies

Brea, CA

Imtiaz Mohammady, CEO

Delivers an Omni-channel platform and suite of solutions so that organizations more meaningfully connect with their own customers