NITS Solutions: Transforming Data into Competitive Advantage

Neetu Seth, Founder & CEO
Today, with the rise in digitization and social media, organizations are generating a large amount of real-time data. But, interpreting such voluminous and diverse data sets to better understand customer behavior is a tremendous challenge for enterprises. Converting data into accurate insight is the need of the hour and catering to this need is NITS Solutions. The company provides technology to create accurate and comprehensible real time information bytes for their clients. “We transform unstructured data into valuable information in order to create significant benefits for organizations,” says Neetu Seth, Founder and CEO of NITS Solutions. The company analyzes and crunches data to improve the flow of products.

Headquartered in Novi, MI, the company’s team works with modern technical processes and advanced data crunching technology to maximize the organization’s ROI. NITS facilitates firms by cleansing, validating, and processing data into comprehensible information bytes. “We have a strong focus in collating and organizing data to develop effective marketing analytics for organizations,” adds Neetu. “We primarily emphasize in business analytics, process automation and cloud computing.” The company stores the data in a secured-cloud based environment, which can be accessed by key people with a secured id or password. NITS assists organization in reducing the risk factor in their business by making validated decisions based on practical evidence. NITS have a decade of experience in handling data management and analytical projects that helps them in understanding client data, business, needs and opportunities.

Simultaneously, NITS provides customize technology and marketing cloud-based solutions to Fortune 500 clients. “We can handle both traditional and digital marketing activities for our clients,” notes Neetu.

By their multifaceted approach NITS can make organization work faster, be more productive and effective. “In our approach, the difference is the power of the tools and analytics expertise that combines to create true competitive advantage,” says Neetu.

We have a strong focus in collating and organizing data to develop effective Business Intelligence, Predictive and Marketing Analytics for organizations

Furthermore, NITS have developed cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform for their automotive client. The company provides CRM software that provisions automotive manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and aftermarket parts retailers to track their products. “Customers are the biggest asset of any organization and are unique in their preferences,” adds Neetu. The promotions and offers used by organizations to engage customers may result in hampered sales and failed customer satisfaction. Understanding this limitation, NITS segments the data according to the clients’ business need and performs marketing through different marketing channels on behalf of their customer. “We offer a self-service portal for end users to set up their marketing activities on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis,” explains Neetu. With the help of this unique portal, clients can expand their marketing reach by targeting and engaging customers with the right promotional programs. The platform presents information in an interactive comprehensible form like graphs, pie charts, short reports and small interactive dashboards in order to deliver productive results.

The company’s differentiating factor lies in their ability to maintain high quality products and deliver faster results from idea to implementation. Additionally, NITS invests a significant amount of time and money in state of the art technologies. The company develops noteworthy applications that are customized to fit the business processes of their clients. In the days to come, NITS will work towards improving their current products and services in different industries such as retail, education and healthcare and expand themselves to reach more customers globally.

NITS Solutions

Novi, MI

Neetu Seth, Founder & CEO

Delivering a modular, compact information processing environment that can generate, create, operate, protect, enhance and govern gigabytes of data.