Njevity: Send Your Worries to the Cloud...and Simplify your Business Applications, too

CIO VendorChris Dobkins, President & CEO
Once upon a time, delivering business applications through the cloud was an expensive endeavor, but those days have passed as high-speed internet has become ubiquitous, as virtualization technology hit primetime, and as software publishers embraced subscription licensing. “We are not a hosting company,” says Chris Dobkins, President and CEO, Njevity.

“We don’t sell servers. We sell a High Fidelity User Experience that leverages the Cloud’s promise of affordable, ‘anywhere access from any device’ and allows businesses to excel and simplify in a cost effective way. Conjoined from the words ingenuity and longevity—Njevity, headquartered in Denver, CO, provides creative, enduring solutions that enhance the User’s Experience with their business applications.

Dobkins, drawing inspiration from Great Plains Software, has instilled the 4C’s—Caring, Courage, Commitment, and Community—into his team to keep them focused on what is most important: Improving the lives and business success of their customers and partners. As a Microsoft Certified Partner having earned the Gold Competency in Dynamics ERP, the Silver Competency in Dynamics CRM and the Silver Competency in Hosting, the company’s tagline “Send your Worries to the Cloud” is a great message for busy executives. This liberates executives who do not want to hassle with hardware failures, backups, and the endless onslaught of patches and updates; but instead just want to hand those problems over to someone else.

We provide customers with internet facing BI tools and tablet access, straight out of the box and included in the price

Rockton Software, a tenant in the NjevityToGo Cloud, had a previous hosting provider that was providing substandard customer service at a higher price. “We turned to the NjevityToGo Cloud to help solve this problem,” says Mark Rockwell, President and Co-Founder of Rockton Software. “Njevity was able to simplify our infrastructure and get onto a plan that keeps our technology current, all the while reducing monthly costs by 50 percent.”

Njevity’s investments in the Cloud are focused on improving the User Experience for distributors, manufacturers, professional service firms, software publishers, non-profits, restaurant management companies, etc., for which Dynamics products are well tuned. “For example, with the combination of Dynamics GP and the Cloud, we are able to offer distribution companies Cloud- Based ERP systems complete with order entry, customer service, barcode scanning at pick-pack and ship, carrier integrated shipping and credit card processing at a per user price that is comparable to my monthly cell phone bill,” says Dobkins.

For Dynamics Partners, Njevity offers a white labeled cloud solution wherein the partner need not introduce a third party to the customer. Since the partners are provided with administrative access to the platform, they are also capable of servicing and supporting their customers without long delays waiting for the hosting provider to perform necessary administrative action. “We are the Dynamics Partners’ Cloud Partner,” says Dobkins. “With our experience as a Dynamics Partner, we know exactly what Partners want from their Cloud Provider...and we are giving it to them.”

Henceforth, Dobkins says that, his focus at Njevity is to eliminate the Remote Desktop experience for the company’s Dynamics GP users. “We are just about to launch a Zero Remote Desktop experience for Dynamics GP that not only provides users with browser access to Dynamics GP, but also gives them Power BI in their local copy of Excel, business information on their tablets, browser based financial reporting and much, much more,” sums up Dobkins.


Denver, CO

Chris Dobkins, President & CEO

Provides Cloud-based Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM with affordable per user subscriptions to partners and customers