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Russ Whitman, CEO The growth and demand for web-based tools and network applications in today’s hyperconnected marketplace have summoned the attention of software engineers and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. People leverage the convenience presented by the internet increasingly to conduct their business online—commercial or otherwise, steering away from the sequential programming workflows of the yesteryears.

Node.js, built from the ingenuity of Google’s V8 for Chrome has empowered developers all over the world, has become one of the most widely adopted software platforms. Alongside the increasing utilization of Node, many companies emerged to help programmers and organizations navigate through the runtime environment via various solutions and services. One enterprise, in particular, NodeSource, is currently leading the charge in the space with its N|Solid product that is designed to help users better manage their Node.js applications and operations with incredible efficiency and security across the entire software lifecycle.

A Brief History

Founded in 2014 by some of the brightest engineers during Node’s rise to popularity, NodeSource focuses on educating and empowering organizations of every market segment to adopt and utilize Node.js seamlessly. The company’s solutions are designed to support the entire software lifecycle from development into production, giving customers unparalleled visibility and insights. “Unlike other APM’s that require developers to instrument their code or be connected through an abstraction layer, we inject our secret sauce directly into the open-source package that grants users a level of observability that is unparalleled,” states Russ Whitman, CEO of NodeSource.

The company’s N|Solid product stands as a complete replacement of the existing open-source package, allowing developers to harness the full potential of Node more efficiently, with 100 percent visibility into the platform. The level of observability offered by NodeSource works wonders for organizations of any size seeking to power their digital transformation effort and improve their web-based operations. NodeSource’s ethos concerning how enterprises in today’s marketplace use Node.js further supports its position as the perfect partner to help users free-roam throughout a vast, robust ecosystem. “The reality is that every single company uses the open-source framework uniquely, we help organizations on their Node.js journey - we see ourselves as “Node Navigators”.

Nodesource is a proud supporter of the Open source community as a member of the OpenJs Foundation and contributor to the Node. js project. It is also the largest distributor of the open source linux binaries globally and engages the dev community through Node. DEV., “As a member of the OpenJS Foundation, NodeSource is actively invested in the future growth and sustainability of the vast JavaScript ecosystem. NodeSource has made meaningful contributions to JavaScript communities across many areas, from contributing their technical expertise to open source projects to advancing knowledge and skills among Node.js developers.” – Robin Ginn, Executive Director, OpenJS Foundation

The Ultimate Tool for Node.js is N|Solid

NodeSource’s solution was designed to streamline workflows, circumventing the challenges of security and visibility.

We have the toolset to help companies grow and adopt Node intelligently, making sure that they are making good decisions along their journey

Programmers can observe the state of processes directly, free of additional tooling. The need to build instrument codes is explicitly also eliminated.

N|Solid provides organizations with the ability to access meaningful insights that no other APM can, with the additional benefit of not impacting the performance of the application or service. Other APM solutions can have a material impact on performance increasing server loads/costs and affecting user experience.

Users can operate and run the product inside the browser as a light process while being supported with complete visibility into where and how their program fails to perform effectively. This benefit leads to faster diagnostics, and better resolution times. N|Solid offers deep performance insights and enables users to understand, with detailed information, how they can improve the use of Node, thereby providing their users with better customer experiences.

NodeSource’s grasp of Worker Threads’ internal monitoring in Node.js helps coders build highly reliable applications while also minimizing infrastructure costs. It allows them to architect Node and various other services much more intelligently. And N|Solid offers a level of visibility into Worker Threads that never existed in the marketplace before. “It was almost impossible to have any visibility into Worker Threads. So, we spent a lot of time and energy with some of the most brilliant team members to craft a way to achieve what we have today. It’s a big win for us and our customers,” adds Whitman.

The company has also been exploring event loop utilization (ELU) over the past year, researching and identifying the opportunities to understand performance issues within Node. js projects. Earlier this year, NodeSource launched an API that allows companies to incorporate the Node.js expert’s data and resources into existing monitoring tools and services. This also reinforces security in the production stage, where unseen security risks are entirely avoided with custom security policies and real-time vulnerability scanning.

NodeSource: The Hardcore Node.js Fans

The Nodesource team are incredibly passionate about Node, and it would seem that their enthusiasm is almost infectious. As a wholly dedicated solutions provider for everything Node, NodeSource extends its subject matter expertise to all in the field. The company maintains an impeccable reputation in the community; organizations that are just starting with Node are always directed toward NodeSource to learn and begin with the best practices right off the bat. As one of the most significant distributors of the open-source package, it also offers a slew of services to help businesses learn, use, and best optimize the Node open source project. “We are the Node experts, no doubt,” declares Whitman.
NodeSource leverages its N|Solid product to help clients understand how they can better architect their existing systems. In addition to which the company proffers a comprehensive set of consultative and training sessions to guide them toward the optimal version of their products. “We have the toolset to help companies grow and adopt Node intelligently, making sure that they are making good decisions along their journey,” says Whitman. The company also hosts events and uploads insightful blogs to help keep the community updated with everything new and essential about the open-source environment (#KnowYourNode).

The following anecdote is of a large e-commerce organization facing a series of problems with their program showcases NodeSource’s programming efficacies. The client was unsure of whether the root cause was a performance issue or a potential DOS attack. It is also important to mention that the Black Friday sale was just around the corner; the e-commerce firm was in need of assistance. They reached out to NodeSource to employ its massive in-house Node.js expertise. Following this, the NodeSource team went into the runtime environment and with its product provided the insights to support this customer, even at its highest scale. With the ability to scale over 9000 consecutive and concurrent processes simultaneously, without hitting any limits from NodeSource’s end, it does not matter how big or small a client’s node solution is; The NodeSource team are always geared up to offer the necessary support.

"If you are using Node for anything that is important for your business, you should take a long, hard look at N|Solid"

What’s Next for Nodesource

Nodesource is excited to launch a SaaS option for customers this quarter, making it more accessible to a wider range of organizations and teams. The solution includes the complete functionality of its existing licensed offering “Without the hassle of maintaining the infrastructure required to store and serve the observability data with a simplified setup where just an NPM module install and a single configuration line will be enough to connect and start monitoring Node.js application with almost zero performance cost” - Adrian Estrada VP of Engineering.

The Nodesource team

NodeSource has always been recognized by the ecosystem and customers as a top-notch global team of Node.js experts. “We’ve been a distributed team for years and have developed a strong bond that benefits from our diversity, explained Whitman, it’s an incredible team that loves what we do”. The COVID-19 outbreak did not disrupt the company’s ability to deliver its services and it was able to cater to the growing needs and demands of the market as web-based programs and network applications witnessed the largest spike in recorded history. Internal development also never experienced any downtime, allowing NodeSource to work on various productive things like its new SaaS offering and design programs for startups and nonprofits.

With constant innovation and continuous improvements to its solution, NodeSource has far exceeded the market’s expectations today. Moving forward, the company intends to propagate the usage of technologies such as the Internet of Things with an emphasis on security to bolster the resourcefulness of Node.js indeed. NodeSource is at the forefront of HPC innovation; with its N|Solid product, businesses worldwide can expect to provide their customers an experience as flawless as ever.


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Russ Whitman, CEO

NodeSource is the safest and most secure Node.js platform providing Node.js runtime security, enterprise-grade production, and Node.js support. Founded in 2014 by some of the brightest engineers during Node’s rise to popularity, NodeSource focuses on educating and empowering organizations of every market segment to adopt and utilize Node.js seamlessly. The company's solutions are designed to support the entire software lifecycle from development into production, giving customers unparalleled visibility and insights