Nomadix Nomadic: Computing For Bandwidth Enhancement

Fred Reeder, Chief Commercial & Operating Officer
With laptops, smart phones, tablets and numerous other gadgets becoming lighter and less expensive, it is clear that people are becoming more nomadic while still being wired to technology. The proliferation of Wi-Fi on campuses and the need for public area Internet access throughout universities has never been greater, requiring more management in ensuring fair individual access to bandwidth, secure network and an optimum quality of connection.

Nomadix is the pioneer in providing public access gateways and a variety of solutions from Wi-Fi hot spots to traffic optimizers that monitor web usage and filter out unwanted content. Nomadix-enabled networks allow students using mobile devices to transparently move between different locations on campus, thereby creating a truly ubiquitous Internet.

Education has specialized needs for public Internet access. Students, faculty and even outside visitors require both wired and wireless Internet connection in almost every building on campus, including labs, libraries and residence halls. In addition to distributing bandwidth evenly, students of all ages can be subjected to serious Internet abuses such as cyber bullying.

The Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO) from Nomadix analyzes and categorizes web content, contexts and constructs without relying just on the URL blocks.NITO offers real-time web filtering, seamless connectivity with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the ability to monitor all mobile devices on the network, and granular reporting for IT administrators. With numerous disturbing trends plaguing the K-12 and higher education spaces, ranging from cyber bullying to students paying less attention towards education and more attention to diversions like video/online gaming or illegally downloading content, there is a strong need for institutions to use some sort of sophisticated Internet management to provide real-time content filtering.
NITO’s ability to analyze traffic over Wi-Fi and wired links, and subsequently review text messages, e-mails and web sites visited is crucial in preventing dangers from cyber world. NITO achieves this with full oversight and control by the school’s IT management, who define new rules that are specific to the school’s administration policies.

NITO’s technology addresses the key issue of content filtering as well as the need to have granular management and monitoring of web sites and social media. The solution does this very granularly and flexibly such as by site, specific content, context, specific construct, based on key terms, during configurable time periods or for certain duration. It monitors not just ingress (incoming) and egress (outgoing) Internet traffic for specific activity, key terms, key sites, etc., but also provides a built-in alert function that is triggered by key words or other warnings. NITO’s easy-to-use management interface supports detailed reporting that can provide data for analytics to support process improvements.

Recent enterprise wireless installation throughout the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD) enabled the use of up to four devices at one time by every student. Such technological advancement needed a content filter that was easy to manage – and NITO’s installation fit the bill, making it tough for students to bypass, easy for teachers to use, and flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs.

Nomadix’s regular product enhancements portray a vision … to keep pace with the insatiable demand for bandwidth and future applications for mobile devices.

Nomadix Nomadic

Agoura Hills, CA

Fred Reeder, Chief Commercial & Operating Officer

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