Noosh: An innovator in Printed Marketing Material Procurement

Even today's digital world, printed marketing still plays a significant role and this is evident from the fact that many companies spend a lot of money buying printed material for marketing projects. Those involved know procuring printed marketing material can be a complex and expensive process. For example, a credit card solicitation may contain a window envelope, two or three inserts, a bounce-back card, and a personalized letter. The various pieces could be produced by different suppliers. And other instances of printed marketing materials include company brochures, signage, direct mail, annual reports, and even promotional items like golf balls and tradeshow giveaways. A study conducted by Noosh, a California-based company, showed collaborative sourcing can reduce project costs by 20.7 percent. “The Noosh procurement and project management application is a SaaS solution used by strategic sourcing teams, marketers, and service providers to manage digital and print assets, cost structures, budgets, procurements, and team interaction using an integrated cloud-based approach. With capabilities like vendor bidding, project planning, collaboration, and machine learning, Noosh enterprise software delivers cost reductions to the overall procurement process,” says Scott Wooley, Chief Revenue Officer of Noosh.

“One of the greatest competitors to Noosh are those people who still using spreadsheets and email to manage their project details and timelines internally and externally", quips Wooley. The Noosh platform has a significant advantage over emails and spreadsheets, in that it enables organizations to efficiently collaborate and effectively deliver the necessary information to all project stakeholders regarding the procurement of marketing material across the entire project from inception to delivery. The extensive reporting capabilities in Noosh help drive data-driven business decisions and facilitate continuous process improvements.

Regardless of the industry, if the client buys and/or sells a product or service, he is involved in integrated project and procurement management.

Noosh is a best-in-class, proven and secure platform for procuring marketing materials that supports hundreds of clients and thousands of users per day across the globe

Therefore, the client should recognize the massive opportunities to optimize these processes and save the business time and money.

The Noosh platform handles project management, defining product specifications, bidding, awarding orders and politely dismissing other bidders, budgeting, invoicing, tracking inventory, and reporting. Noosh has developed extensive integrations to common customer systems such as ERP and accounting systems. Furthermore, the platform saves all information related to the project such as product specifications, bid history, orders, shipments, and invoices all in one place. "With Noosh effectively acting as a "single book of record" for all procurement transactions for an organization, one of our financial clients has told us that our platform is an "auditor's best friend" because every single piece of information about each project is tracked, recorded, logged and archived," adds Wooley.

"Our customer satisfaction rate is extremely high because the Noosh platform is so robust and integrates with existing client systems such as SAP, Ariba and other systems. Additionally, Noosh fully supports client specific customizations to tailor the Noosh workflow to a client's exact business needs. We have some clients who have been with us for more than a decade," says Wooley.

As a leading provider of marketing services software, Noosh is used by more than 20,000 individuals around the world. "The Noosh platforms is truly global and already translated in 12 different languages and currently supports 52 different currencies," remarks Wooley. "Noosh is a best-in-class, proven and secure platform for procuring marketing materials that supports hundreds of clients and thousands of users per day across the globe. Noosh partners exclusively with organizations looking to gain transparency into their spend, increase speed to market, and drive cost savings," he concludes.


Mountain View, CA

Scott Wooley, Chief Revenue Officer

Noosh provides a marketing services collaboration platform that makes delivering marketing materials fast, easy, and more professional