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Edmund Manrique, Partner and VP of Analytics
SAP has made great investments in their suite of software to incorporate the latest technologies and market driven features to enhance user and business capabilities. Many SAP shops seek outside strategic advice to evaluate their plans, while others look for migration tools to make their projects more efficient. This is particularly the case as companies are migrating from ECC to HANA, engaging in M&A activities, and changing their go-to-market models. Norstar Consulting Group enables these capabilities for the SAP users to make their implementations more effective. They have successfully integrated their SAP strategic capabilities with a series of practical tool kits and diagnostics to help their clients.

Norstar Consulting Group brings more than two and a half decades of implementation experience in SAP. Norstar sets themselves apart from their competition with their ability to leverage that experience to evaluate multiple solutions and recommend the most efficient. They also have the ability to quantify the value and communicate the reasoning behind their recommendations, allowing them to leverage their approaches and garner quick results. As Edmund Manrique, Partner and VP of Analytics at Norstar, explains, “We combine our experiences and tools, our customer’s strategy, industry trends, and our pulse points with SAP to give us an advantage.”

Norstar’s three integral toolsets: the Agile toolkit, Data Trek Migration toolset, and Test Cycle Manager, work in unison to ensure that companies can seamlessly migrate their heterogenous data to a common SAP platform like S/4 HANA. The Agile toolkit has templates and accelerators that allow Norstar to leverage their experience to diagnose findings and make recommendations.

The Norstar Data Trek Migration toolset focuses on the migration of data into the SAP framework. This toolset allows the users to extract data, cleanse data, and harmonize data so it can easily align with new hierarchies and data structures while doing this in hyper fast, user friendly manner not requiring technical skillsets. This works in heterogeneous legacy sources and legacy SAP.

As the Data Trek Migration toolset creates, harmonizes, and cleanses data, Test Cycle Manager will automatically be able to test that data

The Norstar Test Cycle Manager allows customers to define data scripts, business scripts, and integration processes to enable test automation that will help a company’s project testing and allow them to do this in a repeatable operational manner. “As the Data Trek Migration toolset creates, harmonizes, and cleanses data, Test Cycle Manager will automatically be able to test that data, in multiple scenarios and environments,” says Manrique.

Norstar’s clients tend to be larger, more complex businesses that are mature in terms of SAP. One such client was a large, multi-national company with one of the highest transaction volumes using SAP. They had multiple ECC and legacy environments while acquiring multiple other entities. They knew they had challenges on the SAP side, yet they did not know the extent of those issues until Norstar conducted an assessment and prepared a business case and value proposition that included simplyfying their SAP Organizational Structure. This led to an SAP HANA S/4 migration from their old and heavily modified SAP ECC environment.

Part of the success of Norstar’s methods is the use of templates that allow them to repeat what has worked in the past saving time and money, while fostering communications between the business and IT. Norstar houses their toolsets under their Norstar Data Solutions subsidiary to maintain a deep focus on in-house R&D. Manrique says, “R&D allows focus on our toolsets, which further enables our customers and consulting practice in the field.” Add Norstar’s ability to communicate with the client, and they have a winning combination.

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Edmund Manrique, Partner and VP of Analytics and James Weller, Managing Partner, Phil Morrison, VP of Software Solutions and Alliances

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