North American Bancard: Bringing Passion Back to the Hospitality Industry

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Eric Yusefzadeh, GM, Hospitality
In the current food and beverages (F&B) sector, businesses are adopting tech-driven tools to regain its pre-pandemic revenue levels. From a payments perspective, having a robust and user-friendly point of sales (POS) system has become a top priority as customers expect a relaxing, stress-free dining experience.

Helping restaurants achieve just that with its restaurant POS systems and credit card processing services is North American Bancard (NAB). Its core mission is to help F&B sector follow its cooking ambition by simplifying payment processes for extremely busy, overwhelmed, short-staffed, and financially pressurized restaurants. NAB creates an easy and efficient business flow for luxury and quick service restaurants, seasonal vendors, and hospitality merchants through its product engineering, sales, and support prowess, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence-infused technology.

NAB is the 6th largest non-bank merchant acquirer and an expert in the payments industry with knowledge of data security, buyer-wall technology, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance. Its comprehensive tech stack, combined with the benefits offered through Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX), its own internal payment processor, gives NAB its reputation today.

The F&B sector is experiencing a mass influx of data from diverse and wide-ranging technology deployments. This results in data fatigue for operators and disrupts a business's headwind. At the same time, the inflation and limitation of operative resources are impacting a restaurant's financial volatility, supply chain, and menu prices. NAB supports its clients by overcoming these hurdles with its data tools and POS assets. The solutions analyze the uncertainty of the economy and the staffing, labor, and profit margins of a business without overwhelming the owner or staff with large amounts of unstructured data.

"Our hospitality technology tools and POS assets enable hoteliers to perform predictive analytics and gain operational insights by investing in cost-efficient and data-driven strategies," states Eric Yusefzadeh, General Manager of Hospitality, NAB.

NAB delivers reliable payment avenues in an era of abundant cyber threats, so businesses feel secure while broadening its data depth and deploying tech tools. It has a centralized data hub where sensitive payment and transactional information across a business's assets are collected, allowing cost-effective and safer analytics.
NAB's easy-to-use tech tools are the result of its collaboration with renowned Payanywhere products, EPX processor, and an operational platform for restaurants, SALIDO. Its products and assets boost the flow of transactions and items by regularly sifting through a restaurant's operational data. NAB's open-source programming links disparate data sources to produce actionable insights for effective business automation. It assists clients with every F&B payment without contacting different people for different merchant services. An instance of NAB's applicability is how it integrates with a kitchen printer and its display items to create a comprehensive system that delivers end-to-end coverage of managing inventory, data accessibility, and completion of essential operations at a single touch-point.

Our hospitality technology tools and POS assets enable hoteliers to perform predictive analytics and gain operational insights by investing in cost-efficient and data-driven strategies

NAB’s overarching success, having served over 350,000 merchants for 30 years, is the outcome of consistent success in handling some of the finest restaurants managed by SALIDO. NAB supports reputed restaurants and luxurious hotels to fulfill customers' five-star dining expectations. Alternatively, for food trucks, fairs, or festivals, its Payanywhere platform provides payment mobility, contactless payments, and credit card acceptance to help F&B vendors enhance financial processes and avoid the cumbersome invoice route or limited cash-only options.

"NAB's initiative is to develop a technology where F&B business owners can manage its inventory, order, and payment-related tasks without scheming around a complex system," says Veronica Samet, Brand Manager of NAB.

Looking ahead, NAB envisions its hospitality POS systems becoming more intuitive and adaptive. Through this vision, it aims to build an experience where operational data from disparate sources is unified under a single pane of glass, driving streamlined business operations.

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Troy, MI

Eric Yusefzadeh, GM, Hospitality

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