Northern Apex: Automating Information Management for Smarter Businesses

Rick Raber, CTO
Today, the insights offered by data integration have become vital in devising business strategies and making crucial decisions in organizations around the world. However, the rapid pace of data growth has made it challenging for CIOs to sift through the enormous amounts of raw data, hindering their ability to make timely decisions. Further, the information utilized in the decision-making process comprises only a fraction of the terabytes of information being collected. In order to harness the full potential of data, enterprises need an information management solution that can capture relevant information and offer data-driven insights swiftly. Leveraging the opportunity to deliver integrated systems and applications, Northern Apex, a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based company, offers solutions to help organizations streamline various aspects of their business operations.

“Northern Apex provides a solution that can find the right information quickly, enabling businesses to make decisions faster,” says Rick Raber, CTO, Northern Apex. Founded in 1998, the company takes pride in their expertise gained over several decades and leverages it to assist clients in utilizing their information efficiently and effectively. Northern Apex takes a qualitative approach to client onboarding by approaching a potential customer—not as a solutions and services provider— but as a business partner. The company interviews clients to understand the scope of the project, and the scale of the challenge that the client wants to resolve. In most cases, Northern Apex walks the facilities of their customers to get a clear idea of the business and its different processes from a physical standpoint. Northern Apex has adopted this client-centric approach for the implementation of their solution because the company recognizes that different organizations assess and strategize to resolve their specific challenges in distinct ways, making it better to approach the problem as a consultant.

Northern Apex works with clients from diverse industries, including some of the most prestigious companies in the U.S. The company utilizes scanners, encoders, readers, sensors, and ID tags to connect different entities and gather information from raw materials and other equipment.

Northern Apex provides technologies that take isolated, disconnected machines or work center processes and connects them with the rest of the production landscape

Further, Northern Apex’s partnerships with the best and proven tech suppliers help the company deliver any capability that a client might require—software development or hardware installations— and consolidate their associated data in order to gain a deeper understanding of the production environment.

Irrespective of the industry, the potential of actionable data to improve the efficiency of a process is apparent. One of the biggest challenges organizations face with respect to information management is the loss of information caused by the silos created by different systems that the data has to move through in an enterprise’s network. This happens because companies that want to implement a solution for information management often engage with multiple vendors to get the perfect combination of hardware and software services that fit their specific organizational needs. “Northern Apex provides technologies that take isolated, disconnected machines or work center processes and connects them with the rest of the production landscape,” adds Raber.

Looking ahead, Northern Apex is planning to sharpen their services in crucial process segments—returnable assets, order fulfillment, critical process control, personnel tracking, tool tracking, property asset management, and product tracking and authentication—to empower clients to collect and process data with ease. “We recognize that data capture and management is not an end, but a means to make quick, informed decisions and propel a company closer to achieving its business goals,” concludes Raber.

Northern Apex

Fort Wayne, IN

Rick Raber, CTO

Northern Apex is a solutions provider of automated data collection, warehouse tracking solutions, information delivery, and RFID inventory management systems. By taking advantage of its extensive and proven experience with a variety of robust options: Active and Passive RFID across multiple frequencies and standards, barcodes, data matrix, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OCR, biometrics, and even GPS. Northern Apex will complete those additional services needed in custom integration software, machine to machine communications and other Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and mobile applications providing a single-source responsibility