Northwest Analytics Inc.: Enhancing Manufacturing Performance through Superior MI

Bob Ward, CEO
Chemical technology plays a vital role in manufacturing processes and has become a linchpin in the manufacturing of a broad variety of products. But many organizations find it difficult to implement an efficient solution while fulfilling the supply chain and regulatory compliance. “Today’s chemical manufacturers recognize the critical need to move from a paradigm of inspecting and rejecting bad products to predicting and preventing issues with analytics during the production process,” says Bob Ward, CEO, Northwest Analytics (NWA). The company delivers software tools to monitor, control, review, and improve the manufacturing process.

Headquartered in Portland, OR, NWA is engaged in providing analytics and visualization solutions based on Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) and ensuring collaboration across the plant, company, and supply chain. It delivers chemical industry solutions such as NWA Focus EMI, NWA Quality Information System, and NWA Quality Analyst to foster process improvement. With these innovative solutions, the company helps the chemical manufacturing enterprises transform reactive process management into predictive. With real-time analysis, the company facilitates automated processing and detection of errors in manufacturing processes.

NWA also offers Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions and Statistical Process Control (SPC) software through which the user interface is enhanced with connection to all major database processes relating to manufacturing. Hence, it ensures accuracy through simplified data modeling across various data sources, comprehensive problem-solving analytics, and web-based analysis report publishing. The company provides software assurance, support, and technical services across various industries such as food, packaging, oil and gas, life sciences, and materials other than chemicals.

By providing these enticing software products and services, NWA distinguishes itself in the market by delivering industry-specific MI solutions. It satisfies clients in all aspects including process and quality enhancement, efficient data analysis, automatic notification for software updates, and advanced information on product improvements.

With real-time analysis, the company facilitates automated processing and detection of errors in manufacturing processes

“We have endeavored to instill a corporate culture where there is a shared vision of the future and a commitment to support one another. This is critical in the dynamic technology market that we compete,” remarks Ward.

The company assists its clients in reducing the difficulties in processing large volumes of data and makes its readily accessible. For instance, Dow Chemicals, a multinational chemical corporation, was struggling to get immediate access to data because of the massive information influx from its production processes. Dow’s biggest problem was that it had a considerable amount of data, but could not utilize it. When it started to use NWA Focus EMI, a real-time manufacturing data solution, Dow could react to the processes quickly, enabling intelligent decision-making and reducing the costs and flaws in data management. “Across the range of manufacturing verticals, companies of all sizes such as The Dow Chemicals, Gilead Sciences, Honeywell, Palmer Foundry and others are unlocking the value of their existing process data with NWA Focus EMI to control and improve processes in real time,” says Ward.

NWA has become a top notch supplier of analytics solutions in the chemical manufacturing industry. “We have extremely talented people, and it is their dedication to the success of our clients that makes NWA a leader in our industry,” beams Ward. Going forward, the company is planning to add more features to its analytics software so that the control systems will become a core component of the 21st century processes and enterprise management systems.

Northwest Analytics Inc

Portland, OR

Bob Ward, CEO

Providing integrated analytics and MI solutions to accelerate manufacturing operations and ROI.