Northwest Cadence: Measured Steps to Success Using Microsoft Azure

Steven Borg, Co-Founder & Strategist
“In a changing world where more companies are migrating their data to the cloud, making the move from on-premise data storage to an all-cloud environment can be a scary proposition,” says Steven Borg, Co-founder and Strategist at Northwest Cadence. But, as Borg contends, this process is easier when taking small steps. As the company’s name implies, “cadence” means taking small, incremental steps again and again in an effort to build on prior successes. By using an evidence-based approach, Northwest Cadence looks to change the cloud computing industry, one step at a time.

Through Microsoft Azure, an open enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, Northwest Cadence has emerged as an industry leader in cloud migration. The company has successfully entered the realm of cloud technology solutions with its philosophy that includes eliminating long, drawn-out strategies that might take years to develop. Instead, Northwest Cadence believes in using short steps with a long-term goal in mind.

The machine-learning capabilities offered by Azure help Northwest Cadence’s clients build, deploy, and manage applications through global networking centers managed by Microsoft. “Azure has changed everything," adds Borg. And through Azure, the company can deliver value to its customers using bite-sized chunks for a quicker implementation.

Northwest Cadence works with its clients to determine their needs and identifying the root cause of their problems and roadblocks. Unlike other major software companies, the firm believes in enabling its clients to understand how Microsoft Azure works and help them effectively leverage the software’s tools on their own. “We think serving our customers does not just involve plugging in a technology.

We think serving our customers does not just involve plugging in a technology. Technology should also have an impact on people, organizational processes, and tools

That technology should also have an impact on people, organizational processes, and tools,” expresses Borg.

Northwest Cadence uses five organizational values, known as HEART— Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork—to hold its team together and build an amazing ecosystem where culture is everything. It also aids customers with their own team-building process. In addition, the company shares its passion and excitement with its customers. Borg believes that “by bringing that passion, joy, and excitement to an organization, we can motivate change; we can bring people into Azure more quickly, and bring people down that digital transformation road.”

By showing success in easier-to-manage, smaller steps, Northwest Cadence seeks to build confidence in clients with their migration to the cloud. This way, Northwest Cadence strengthens the attitude of customers toward embracing change and trends. This step-by-step process allows Borg to say to clients, “‘Look at what you did; here are the benefits you got. Now, let’s take the next step.’ We focus on fostering a collaborative culture at Northwest Cadence, making it a great place to work.”

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Bellevue, WA

Steven Borg, Co-Founder & Strategist

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