Noser Engineering AG: A Two-Way Approach to ALM

Geri Moll, CEO
Business management processes have started to become heavily dependent on software development, making Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) a key business driver for enterprises across verticals. With business strategies changing rapidly in this digital era, CIOs are challenged to provide ALM solutions with independent configuration management in conjunction to supporting software development for the same. The challenge is complex as all the stakeholders involved in a software development process are often present in different parts of the world.

Noser Engineering AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland helps CIOs to counter these arduous challenges of delivering value throughout the ALM process. “We decided that we have to support two toolchains: one for our open source and the other for the Microsoft solution Team Foundation Server,” says Beat Zollinger, COO at Noser Engineering AG. For open-source purposes, the company uses the Atlassian toolchain with its useful plug-ins. “We can now provide tasks such as project workplaces including repository for the teams, and simplify managing tasks and bugs which can be attributed to our past efforts in adapting these tool chains,” adds Zollinger. Other tasks would include user stories, continuous integration, software building, and test automation. Noser supports different testing tools like HP quality Center, Ranorex and Team foundation test suite on their own infrastructure. “We can provide all these tests on our own. If our customer wants to do these by themselves, then we offer consulting services only,” explains Zollinger.

In addition, the company has the distinction of attaining the Gold Partner status at Microsoft’s Partner ecosystem and helping Google develop their core libraries for Android as a member of the Open Handset Alliance. Noser differentiates itself from its rivals owing to its diversified human resource and the creativity and focused approach they bring into the fray.
Zollinger stresses, “It is very important to create a long-term vision with our customers at the very start.” With a defined strategy, Noser ensures ALM processes are risk-free, and deadlines are met with an early and actionable, integrated feedback mechanism within the team. In addition, Noser brings measurable productivity gains with improved regulatory compliance.

It is very important to create a long-term vision with our customers at the very start

The development process of AMG Performance Media can be cited as an example, out of many success stories showcasing Noser’s stewardship in the ALM arena. Noser was approached by the renowned German luxury sports car manufacturer Mercedes-AMG to develop an Android-based infotainment system. AMG Performance Media is a co-head unit for providing multimedia, Internet and telematics functionalities based on a modified Android built around Freescale hardware. “It was conducted in a very agile, stepwise manner improving the working system based on user feedback and requirements over a two-year period,” delineates Zollinger. Incidentally, that was the first Android-based automotive system to enter mass production and is now present in their cars.

The experience gathered from handling projects as such helped Noser to gain valuable t e c h n o l o g i c a l insights from enterprises across verticals, which acts as the fuel for the cutting edge innovation the company is known for. Noser wants to strengthen their position in Switzerland and Germany while approaching unexplored markets. “We also want to establish our services around IoT, Healthcare und Data and Information Management next to our software services we are providing today,” concludes Zollinger.

Noser Engineering AG

Zurich, Switzerland

Geri Moll, CEO and Beat Zollinger, COO

Noser Engineering AG provides information technology consulting, solutions and services since more than 30 years to local, European and multinational companies.