Nova Point of Sale: A Fusion Of Technology And Innovation To Automate Business Processes

Shai Benamo, Founder & CEO
Nova Point of Sale is probably the most user friendly, innovative, fun and secure management tool that controls every aspect of any retail business. Whether a retail owner has 1 location or 1000's, anywhere in the world and regardless of the product being sold, Nova is the answer. Nova's software as service (SaaS) cloud solution offers free updates with unlimited training and supreme customer service. Nova POS is not just an alternative for the cash register- it is the most updated business formula for the retail industry, providing a unique set of tools which have been customized and developed to meet retailers' unique needs. Nova's services are risk free, offering customers their money back if they do not experience an increase in revenue. Nova POS increases revenue by thousands and thousands of dollars, while upgrading the lifestyle of users for a fee of only $130- month to month, pay as you go and no contract. As an added bonus, users can start with a free trial.

Nova Point of Sale was established in sunny Miami, and is an award winning software powerhouse offering a unique solution for retailers, wholesalers, and property management companies worldwide.
The first in its industry, Nova revolutionized the retail world by providing customized training for retail owners and their sales staff. Nova's team consists of personnel with an expertise in the methodologies needed to increase profitability while maintaining a high level of end consumer/ shopper satisfaction. Their passion for both the specialty retail industry, and training was the foundation for Nova Point of Sale. As such, Nova's service extends beyond the software product as consultants and business advisors.

Nova's robust solution caters to a wide variety of specialty retailers in different sub categories. Nova's architecture is cloud based and designed to be scalable, secured and supports the dynamic nature of operators in this market. Shai Benamo, CEO of Nova POS says, "Our most popular features are based on behavioral research and include interactive chat and a competition dashboard which boosts morale, and motivates sales teams to sell more, not to mention our "Real time Dashboard", Biometric authentication through-out the software and "Mission Control" (IP camera integration) for live monitoring. There can be little doubt the retail world is in the midst of a technological revolution, and Nova is proud to be at the forefront."


Miami, Florida

Shai Benamo, Founder & CEO

Nova Point of Sale is a technology solutions company offering services that aid entrepreneurs in managing and improving their business.