Novarad Corp: End-to-end Scalable Imaging Solutions for Healthcare

Paul Shumway, Senior VP and Harold Welch, VP-Technical Solutions Worldwide
There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire; today, Harold Welch, VP-Technical Solutions Worldwide, Novarad, has a different tale to narrate. “One may say that these days the sun never sets on Novarad,” he proclaims. With more than 850 installations worldwide, Novarad ardently tracks the global trends to provide the best technology for their clients. In the current scenario, Harold says that the healthcare has morphed from making decisions based on limited information to being able to provide better patient care through easy access to all patient information, including images of all types. In order for physicians to provide the best possible care, they must have complete visibility to all patient information. However, gathering this information and presenting it in a usable format can be extremely challenging.

Sharing this information with specialists, who commonly assist doctors in diagnosing illness, can be a tough task too.

Novarad systems can be accessed globally and securely through a myriad of devices from traditional diagnostic workstations to smart phones and tablets

To conquer the challenges, Novarad specializes in developing and deploying enterprise imaging software and streamlined workflow solutions. The company’s Diagnostic Suite includes options for picture archiving and communication system (PACS), Research Information Systems (RIS), vendor neutral archiving, radiation dose monitoring, image distribution, and other specialties. Reports and images stored in the Novarad systems, explains Paul Shumway, Senior VP, Novarad “can be accessed globally and securely through a myriad of devices from traditional diagnostic workstations to smartphones and tablets.” Novarad’s solutions also enable referring physicians and specialists to use specific patient information to provide better patient care.
“Our Enterprise Dashboard is another key element, which offers a real time vision of client’s enterprise, and actionable information,” adds Welch. Single workstation provides all the required information resulting in a more efficient, accurate and secure environment.

Novarad’s complete enterprise imaging solution comes with excellent radiology workflow, advanced visualization, vendor neutral archive, and higher level of security and tracking. Novarad regularly starts with basic PACS / RIS functionality and builds out a full suite of solutions for an individual facility, giving them continuity in front and back office, and patient facing activities while simplifying the IT footprint. In recent times, Novarad was instrumental in providing RIS and PACS for a hospital with 800,000 studies per year that allowed them to significantly improve their workflow and efficiencies. Novarad also specialized in image distribution and report creation and distribution to and from multiple sites through multiple devices. “One of the ways we do this is with our imaging software NovaGlass, which provides users the access to full imaging features while significantly enhancing operating speeds and choice of workstations,” clarifies Shumway. Similarly, MARZ Vendor Neutral Archive, powered by Novarad, acts as a common central database for all relevant patient information, archiving data from multiple sources throughout the enterprise that relate to a patient’s health care.

In another instance, a leading hospital with more than 120,000 study volumes per year approached Novarad to move from radiology centric archive to a cloud based, IT centric, virtualized vendor neutral archive. Novarad provided the solution with customized features and benefits, which allowed the hospital to be fast and efficient, reduce their hardware footprint, and have a more complete patient imaging record.

The ability to provide unlimited software upgrades and the ability to respond to client requests in short time are the key standpoint factors that give Novarad the competitive edge. “As evidence of our commitment to our clients, we offer evergreen hardware solution, which removes any concerns of outgrowing the provided hardware platform,” adds Welch. On their mission forward, Shumway discloses, “we are looking forward to continued expansion of Novarad internationally and shifting our focus from radiology imaging to enterprise imaging.”

Novarad Corp

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Paul Shumway, Senior VP and Harold Welch, VP-Technical Solutions Worldwide

Offers Diagnostic Suite that includes options for PACS, RIS, VNA, radiation dose monitoring, and other specialties.