Novatel Wireless: Intelligent Wireless Solutions that Simplify IoT

Alex Mashinsky, CEO
Smartphones to CCTV cameras are increasingly becoming internet-enabled. Integrating these devices with IoT programs and managing network bandwidth and infrastructure is a growing paramount concern. On the positive side, this has paved way for tremendous opportunities for wireless technology to help bring innovations to market— particularly in capturing and transmitting data that dictates and triggers appropriate actions in IoT environment. “Wireless unfolds limitless innovations one can bring to internet of things applications,” says Alex Mashinsky, CEO, Novatel Wireless. However, the challenge still lies in creating intelligent wireless solutions and that’s where the California based company comes into picture.

Novatel Wireless delivers intelligent wireless solutions that simplify IoT. Novatel Wireless is known for its MiFi family of IoT devices such as mobile hotspots, invented and patented by the company, in addition to home solutions, solutions for data and voice, modules and M2M solutions. The devices find their place with individual users, wireless-network operators, distributors, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Powered by the MiFi technology platform, “MiFi” goes beyond the mobile hotspot and serves as the motor for all Novatel Wireless IoT solutions for telematics, telemetry, home security and automation, wearables and more. MiFi technology delivers a host of enabling software features that deliver optimal performance, advanced security, an open platform, power management and more. The solutions quickly build connectivity between remote sensors and the IoT applications. “We make products that both enhance and simplify lives by making it easy to stay connected round the clock,” remarks Mashinsky.

Novatel Wireless focuses on Telematics (fleet or vehicle management), Telemetry (wireless transmission and reception for remote monitoring) and Security.
In the area of telematics, the company recently announced a partnership with DigiCore, a world-leading provider of advanced M2M and telematics solutions. Under the partnership the company will offer the company’s portfolio of MiFi Drive telematics mobile tracking solutions for commercial and consumer telematics markets. “Taking it a step further, we have opened up our MiFi Labs engineering services offering which enables partners to bring their IoT innovations to life,” says Mashinsky. “From reference design to certification and testing, we keep our state-of-the-art labs open round the clock,” he adds. Fleet management can be an example to showcase Novatel Wireless’s operational efficiency, in addition to reducing operational costs and improving safety. The solution enables accelerator-based driver behavior monitoring, diagnostics, messaging, geo-fencing and other features. “We developed the most sophisticated technology for mobile tracking available, but deliver it in a user friendly way. In addition, our devices go through a comprehensive rigorous compliance testing, assuring partners that they have the most reliable solution,” states Mashinsky.

Novatel Wireless has invested heavily in R&D, including its certification antenna Labs, which has enabled the company to engineer and integrate a highly efficient proprietary antenna design that delivers unrivaled performance. At its R&D facilities the company works closely with its customers, doing compatibility testing and provide ground for testing scenarios developing technologies that are custom built for their needs. “We are committed to their success as well as our own,” remarks Mashinsky.

Going forward, the company sees immense opportunities in Latin America and EMEA as fleet management is expected to grow significantly, according to research firm Berg Insights. “Currently we are in turnaround mode and have some incredible backers on board who believe in what we’re doing and they’re supporting us every step of the way,” concludes Mashinsky.

Novatel Wireless

San Diego, CA

Alex Mashinsky, CEO

Novatel Wireless delivers intelligent wireless solutions thatsimplify the Internet of Things.