NOVAtime Technology: Developing Robust Workforce Management Solutions For Government Needs

CIO Vendor Government organizations face a number of challenges when it comes to everyday operations. Strategic planning and careful execution are required to successfully carry out services, manage staff, and adopt new processes. In recent years, the Great Recession has brought forth the demands of addressing operational issues with decreased budgets and lower staffing levels, while added pressures are being presented by the projected mass retirement of the baby-boomers. “As a result of new and existing challenges,” explains Ty Hall, Director of Public Sector Sales & Marketing of NOVAtime, “the importance of an effective workforce management solution has become increasingly apparent in the public sector, and NOVAtime has adapted its products and services to meet the unique requirements of government operations.”

In recent years, NOVAtime has seen significant growth in K-12 clientele, including Cambridge Public Schools, San Antonio Independent School District, Des Moines Public Schools, and Riverview Gardens School District. School administrators recognize that an increase in staff accountability for worked hours ultimately reduces labor costs and allows the savings to be applied to the core mission of these organizations—providing and improving education.

Overall, managing labor costs more efficiently in state and local government, as a whole, equates to providing better services to constituents. This has been the experience of a growing number of county administrations who are benefitting from the use of NOVAtime 4000. Scott County of Iowa, for example, implemented the NOVAtime solution in 2001 to improve workforce management processes and reduce overtime expenditures. The system eliminated manual payroll processing tasks and provides managers with the tools to proactively monitor labor costs and reduce the amount of time required to prepare payroll data. Previous manual processes prevented access to employee data until the conclusion of each pay period, which prohibited proactive management of employee
schedules and assignments. Using the NOVAtime application,
however, system users are able to view daily activity and, as
employees advance toward or exceed 40 hours within a work week, managers are able to reassign schedules to effectively limit overtime expenditures without impacting productivity.

NOVAtime’s primary product offering is the NOVAtime 4000 Time and Attendance/Workforce Management solution, designed with tools that increase workforce productivity and management efficiency. At the most basic level, the system provides a streamlined process for reporting work hours and time off. However, with a number of modules and add-ons, the system is much more than a timekeeping tool. NOVAtime offers integrated scheduling functions, benefit accrual calculations, report generation, expense tracking, various data collection options, and many other beneficial features that accommodate government-specific policies and operations.

In addition to designing system functionality with government in mind, NOVAtime has also developed implementation practices that suit public sector needs. This includes flexibility in application delivery that accommodates the unique policies of government organizations. NOVAtime 4000 can be deployed in a traditional single-tenant environment or delivered as a hosted SaaS solution, with the latter featuring a business model that eliminates the need for additional funding. “The maintenance of NOVAtime 4000 is a top priority and should not be a burden to an organization’s budget,” Hall asserts. The budget-conscious purchasing model can be adjusted to accommodate public sector procedures and requirements, while unlimited hosted application upgrades, support, and maintenance services are provided at no additional charge.

“NOVAtime continuously applies the latest tools and technologies to research and develop new ways to improve our solutions,” says Frank Su, CEO and Founder of NOVAtime. He adds, “And every year, our product architects, business partners, and key members of the NOVAtime community work together to build a well-rounded roadmap that focuses on technology advancements, new products, feature enhancements, hardware solutions, and user experience. With the passion, experience, and skill set necessary to complete the roadmap each year, NOVAtime will continue to expand its products and adapt to local government needs.”

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