Novatus: Contract Management with Superior Technology

Shannon Muniz, SVP of Sales
Companies demand sophisticated contract management tools that can improve governance, control, and visibility across an enterprise. However, businesses lack an automated repository with advanced features to easily search and access contracts to minimize risks and maximize efficiency. Users need a contract management solution with a robust, secure database to manage contracts and associated documentation for the entire contract lifecycle. Orlando-based Novatus provides cloud-based contract management software to customers, suppliers, and partners to manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements digitally. “We have expedited business by offering robust contract management solutions to gain visibility, strengthen compliance, and stay connected to millions of contracts in an instant, from anywhere,” says Shannon Muniz, SVP of Sales at Novatus.

Through the Sales Connect module, Novatus works exclusively within Salesforce to offer real-time visibility into the contract lifecycle. It not only reduces the amount of time users spend initiating the contracting process, but Sales Connect also tracks the progress of all the contracts enterprise wide. The Novatus tab in Salesforce helps users send proposals and contract requests from the Account directly into Novatus. Documents attached to the requests are sent and stored in the Novatus system. Once the contract is fully executed, a copy or link is sent to Salesforce and stored with that contract.

More importantly, Novatus helps Sales teams by facilitating online negotiation instantaneously, thus reducing cycle times and automatically alerting companies for renegotiations or renewals.With Novatus, users can close sales faster, implement and enforce sales policies, and leverage sales power. Additionally, the eSignature capability in Novatus helps customers reduce sales cycle time. “We have partnered with DocuSign and Adobe eSignature solutions so our customers get their agreements instantly signed and payments executed faster,” adds Shannon.

We partner with all the leading eSignature companies and have their solutions integrated into Novatus

Novatus reporting delivers simple and sophisticated reports providing all levels of management with clear and concise information regarding all trading relationships. For instance, Sony Electronics used Novatus to address inconsistencies in their contract lifecycle. They faced difficulties with finding documents and had no feasible system for reporting. Novatus’automated, ad-hoc reports provided a comprehensive view of their entire contract lifecycle.They also improved operational efficiencies and control with the easy-to-use workflow engine.

Novatus is now part of the Conga family; Conga produces the leading enterprise cloud-based document generation and reporting applications for Salesforce. "This relationship with Conga creates a significant increase in resources for our research and development, as well as a partner ecosystem unmatched by other vendors in our space." The Novatus-Conga partnership will allow Salesforce users to create, negotiate, execute, and distribute contracts.

Unlike most contract management solution providers, the Novatus system provides all-inclusive, yet easy-to-use web-based enterprise contract management system. 100 percent of the configuration and setup is available in the application user interface, meaning the client does not need to rely on Novatus or internal technical resources. Novatus’ focus, going forward is to work closely with Conga to leverage their partners and extend the solution to tackle other business objectives, thereby improving overall return on investment. Expect big things in the contract management space as Novatus and Conga combine to roll-out new offerings in the Salesforce Market!


Orlando, FL

Shannon Muniz, SVP of Sales

Providing cloud-based contract management software to customers, suppliers, and partners to manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements digitally