Novedea Systems: Accelerated Analytics to Discover Actionable Intelligence

Ram Katamaraja, CEO and Principal Architect And Anand Dasari, COO and Principal Architect
With the emergence of Big Data market, almost 80 percent of the companies wish to work with Big Data, though very few have the capability to explore the space,” explains Ram Katamaraja, CEO and Principal architect, Novedea Systems. Established in the year 2005, Novedea Systems is headquartered in Richardson, TX and helps companies achieve superior performance by realizing the business potential of data using BI technology effectively. The company provides support to assess business needs, establish goals and priorities, implement solutions, and provide unparalleled technical support with their f lag ship data analytics solution delivery model based on best practices. The structured solution delivery model ensures significantly faster delivery, peak performance, best possible throughput, advanced data analytics, business intelligence solutions and enhanced developer productivity.

Focusing on gaining market leadership and making an impact on both customers as well as consumers that they serve, Novedea Systems provides solutions that work with modern data architectures that can handle unstructured and structured data seamlessly. The company has a strong base in Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Data Integration. “There is a tremendous scope for vertical driven Big Data platforms rather than general purpose Big Data platforms,” explains Anand Dasari, COO and Principal Architect, Novedea Systems. The key skills and focus areas of the company include Business Intelligence, Microsoft Big Data, SQL server, Hadoop/HD Insight, QlikView, Microsoft SharePoint, PDW and Power BI.

We construct data models and develop dashboards that will help executives make sense of data and discover patterns to make intelligent decisions

The services provided by Ram Katamaraja Anand Dasari Novedea Systems can be categorized into end to end Data Analytics driven Business Intelligence solutions delivery, Custom Development, Consulting and Program Management.

The signature Rapid Track program that the company offers combines solution discovery, piloting, development, program management, deployment, and customer orientation training geared toward getting Data Analytics solutions from concept to deployment in days or weeks rather than months. The solutions provided by the Rapid Track Program utilizes proprietary search methodology, integration technologies with teams from an exclusive network of high performance technology consultants.

The company has built a strong customer base including HP, Tesla Motors, Corner Bakery, Matrix, Nexref, Viverae, VHA, CBRE and BorgWarner. In an interesting case study, Ali Muwwakkil, Data Analytics Architect, Novedea Systems, assisted HP in categorizing and analyzing their structured and unstructured data effectively using Big Data analytics. Initially, the in house financials of HP were driven out off spread sheets, with key executives guessing the authenticity of the data and intelligence it could generate. Novedea Systems brought changes to HP’s in-house data aggregation patterns and financial reports to ensure consistency. The company constructed data models and developed dashboards that helped executives make sense of data and discover patterns to make intelligent decisions.

The key strategy of Novedea Systems is to grow significantly in terms of number of customers it serves and solutions that it could bring to enterprises. The 30+ team of architects and solution delivery experts is growing and expected to bring another 20 onboard by the end of 2014 to expand particularly in the big data space. The company looks forward to becoming a dominant player in providing vertical driven and cloud powered Hadoop infrastructure and data analytics solutions.


Richardson, TX,

Ram Katamaraja, CEO and Principal Architect And Anand Dasari, COO and Principal Architect

A data analytics and business intelligence consulting firm that strives to achieve superior performance through realization of the incredible potential of Big Data technologies to empower its customers.