Novedea Systems: Realizing the Business Potential of BI Technology

Ram Katamraja, CEO & Principal Architect AnandDasari, COO & Principal Architect
“Today, the opportunity of harvesting the value from Big Data becomes complicated as most organizations often lack the means and strategies to adopt the new technologies,” says Ram Katamraja, CEO and Principal Architect, Novedea Systems. Companies are now seeking to tackle Big Data and data science challenges. Anand Dasari, COO and Principal Architect says: “We strive to understand the business process of our clients and their vision to help them harvest their data and achieve scalable performance through implementing emerging data technologies.” Based in Richardson, TX, Novedea Systems is a Business Intelligence (BI) consulting firm that focuses primarily on Big Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualization and Data analytics to assess business needs and implement solutions, adding value to the clients’ business.

Novedea Systems provides specialized solutions in Big Data. “We collaborate with organizations to assess their business needs, establish goals and priorities, and implement solutions,” notes Katamraja. From a Big Data industry standpoint, organizations are now shifting from building a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) to establishing data excellence centers by bringing together data scientists and data engineers within the work space. “We believe POC approach has given companies enough confidence to invest in Big Data. Moreover, with the transition, businesses are seeking to develop Big Data management infrastructure, where they can bring together structured as well as unstructured data,” he adds.

Novedea maintains a strong hold in data analytics, data engineering, data visualization and data integration through its experienced architects. For structured and unstructured data solutions, Novedea uses independent software like Microsoft Business Intelligence for BI, Cloudera Hadoop for Big Data, QlikView and Tableau for Data Visualization, and NoSQL to implement their data engineering solutions. The firm also works with clients in testing their new data infrastructure based on Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark and Cassandra. By moving to new infrastructures, clients are able to reduce their data infrastructure cost significantly as most of the Big Data infrastructures are based on Open Source.

We strive to understand business processes of our clients and their vision to help them

The firm provides services that can be categorized into end to end data-driven solutions, development, consulting, and implementation. Staying relevant in the industry makes them distinct from other Big Data service providers. At Novedea Systems, the entire emphasis is given on the tools which they constantly use for experimental purposes. Novedea’s unique module for imparting internal training to its employees brings in confidence among clients in their solutions. The firm regularly reaches out to community through user group presentations to prospective clients and introduce them to the new technologies.

Mr. Dasari said that Novedea recently helped an organization in migrating to a new data management infrastructure. Novedea began by understanding the short term and long term needs of the client and then organized workshops for the client’s employees to apprise them of the technologies and tools that are within Big Data. The team at Novedea assisted the client in understanding file initialization, data structure through visualization tools. The team of architects, data analysts, and Big Data experts also helped the client in implementing a new infrastructure. This enabled the client in setting the roadmap for achieving long term goals.

The firm regularly provides training to its staff to make sure they stay relevant to the Big Data solutions and new infrastructures within the workspace. Novedea is looking ahead for continuous expansion by offering technological partnerships and solutions in the Big Data landscape. “We will continue to emphasize on data engineering, keeping pace with the evolving technology and developing talents for organizations’ needs,” concludes Katamaraja.

Novedea Systems

Richardson, TX

Ram Katamraja, CEO & Principal Architect AnandDasari, COO & Principal Architect

A business intelligence and data analytics consulting firm helping organizations achieve superior performance by realizing the business potential of data technology.