Now IT Matters: Simple and Sustainable Salesforce Solutions for a Better World

Tim Lockie, Founder
Enterprises of all sizes leave no stone unturned adopting technological advances that alleviate business pressure and increase profitability. In the non-profit world, where the core capital is vision and the currency inspiration, technological innovation often falls short.

“Non-profits are taking on the world’s societal issues with passion. The biggest hurdle they face is not in envisioning a new world, but in understanding the difference technology can make for them, and in adopting software solutions as a silent partner in the work that they do. Technology adoption should alter the organization’s overall work culture, processes and internal communication, enabling them to do more good (better),” says Tim Lockie, Founder of Now IT Matters, a fully remote consulting firm specializing in Salesforce customization for non-profits.

Founded in San Francisco, Now IT Matters addresses the data management needs of nonprofits with custom solutions at affordable rates. The company works exclusively on the Salesforce platform because of a deeply-rooted belief that Salesforce is the best-in-class solution enabling non-profits to foster relationships with donors and partners, cultivate growth, and maximize impact.
Every non-profit tells a story about the world as it could be: stronger communities, reduced poverty, improved educational opportunities, a healthier planet, a better future. This story is worth telling.

Now IT Matters provides the expertise and support needed to harness the power of Salesforce, so nonprofits can better tell their story. A quick-to-configure mobile solution like Salesforce1 amplifies nonprofit impact and efficiency, if the nonprofit knows how to utilize it. Recently, the company helped a small firm on a mission to curb infant mortality in developing nations. Implementation of Salesforce1 would allow healthcare professionals to track, monitor and record program outcomes in the field, allowing development staff to find new sources of revenue based upon up-to-the-minute reports of their impact.

Saleforce’s novel automation tools and cloud technology are sophisticated enough to support the business processes of some of the largest corporations in the world.
The Salesforce philanthropy model puts this sophisticated and powerful tool in the hands of nonprofits. “We often say that Salesforce’s license grants are like delivering a 747 jet to each nonprofit. While this is an amazing gift by any standard, without a flight crew or any knowledge of exactly where to start, nonprofits can be overwhelmed by this gift. Now IT Matters comes alongside providing non-profit clients with a flight plan, advisors, and flight crew for their technology journey.”

Salesforce’s license grants are like delivering a 747 jet to each nonprofit... Now IT Matters comes alongside providing non-profit clients with a flight plan, advisors, and an expert flight crew for their technology journey

As a recognized Salesforce Foundation partner, the company’s mission is to help clients do “more good better.” The Foundation is a well-run team of likeminded individuals focused on helping over 20,000 non-profit customers use Salesforce effectively by partnering with consulting firms and developers to extend their mission. “And we do our best ensure that we’re bringing expertise to the partnership,” states Lockie. “Collectively, our small team of 10 holds 10 Salesforce certifications, 8 nonprofit-related certifications, volunteer or board involvement in 25 nonprofit organizations around the world, 110 years of nonprofit experience and over 40 years of Salesforce experience.”

The passion to make the world a better place and to create a challenging, growth-oriented work environment is reflected in every aspect of the organization’s work. “Nonprofit practitioners are dreamers and visionaries, and I am no exception to that,” concludes Lockie. “So in five or ten years, I hope we are still focused on changing the world and being the best partner to nonprofits we can be.”

Now IT Matters

San Francisco, CA

Tim Lockie, Founder

A private consulting firm specializing in enabling nonprofit companies to implement Salesforce cloud solutions and applications to accomplish mission.