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Jessika Phillips, President
Jessika Phillips, President of NOW Marketing Group, keeps one thing at the forefront of her company’s focus every day: relationships. According to Jessika, “relationships will always be more powerful than marketing,” which is a simple idea that guides every decision made by her team, her clients, and herself.

At a foundational level, NOW Marketing Group works to tell their client’s unique story as honestly and compellingly as possible. Jessika believes that an interesting story is the first step for companies to attract and build a relationship with customers. It does not end there, though. After the client’s customers are satisfied, Jessika uses these relationships to spark referral business and keep the cycle turning. In a nutshell, this is NOW Marketing Group’s strategy in the marketplace.

“We help our clients understand who their target audience is,” Jessika says. “Who can they help more than anyone else?”

After figuring that out, NOW collaborates with clients to effectively attract their tribe, and convert them into customers. The core of NOW Marketing Group is what Jessika calls the “6-Step Relationship Marketing Funnel.” In it, she helps clients figure out who their customers are, what their goals are, and how they are going to attract them. NOW uses many tools to attract, such as social media, video, blogging, and SEO, to name a few. Then they focus on either converting customers, or nurturing them if they aren’t ready to buy. The last step is keeping customers delighted, and turning their excitement into testimonials, user-generated content, and other things.

Each step of the process acts as another building block to a blossoming relationship, and after NOW’s clients dazzle their customers, they become brand advocates.

There are many challenges on this road. For one, Jessika says that many companies believe they should be selling to everyone that shows up at their door.

We help our clients understand who their target audience is

Instead of bending over backwards for more customers, NOW Marketing Group urges clients to focus on current ones. A second challenge many face is the lack of tools to identify who customers are. Using intelligent tools, NOW Marketing Group get a better picture of customers on an emotional, as well as professional, level.

For instance, on a web design level, NOW focuses on keeping websites as a resource for leads instead of a brochure. Jessika wants people to come back to the site for more information, and have that information readily available. NOW keeps content within reach by using two-click availability, and keep it engaging by using the medium that makes most sense for their client’s target audience.

In the case of Mr. Manhole, a client of NOW marketing, this strategy worked brilliantly. At first Jessika and her team made the members at Mr. Manhole tell their story and create videos showcasing what their product does. They created resources that brought value to people, making them want to come back. In the end they gave information freely and placed helping others as the foundation of their marketing efforts. It worked.

Outside of NOW Marketing Group, Jessika loves to help the younger kids. “The biggest thing I love to do is to empower others and spend time with the next generation,” she says. “A lot of my time is spent coaching college students and high school students that are interested in marketing.”

In the future Jessika says NOW is going to dive into the Virtual and Augmented Reality world, as well as growing the team to make customer-client happiness departments. “There’s more options out there than ever before,” she says. “It’s important to give someone a reason to choose your company other than price,” she signs off.

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Jessika Phillips, President

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