NTT Com Managed Services: ‘Smart Sourcing’ for IT-Infra Management

Oscar Garcia, COO
IT Infrastructure ought to be robust and flexible to be in sync with the dynamic nature of today’s technological disruption wherein demands concerning scalability, flexibility, and regulatory compliance, to name a few, continue to burden organizations like a ‘necessary evil.’ CIOs are encumbered by the massive task of maintaining a competitive edge while simultaneously leveraging IT to improve business processes. In essence, opting for managed services has become a viable option. NTT Com Managed Services—one such maven— delivers an agile infrastructure agnostic and end-to-end global managed services with its smart sourcing operational approach, and serves customers with a single contract, SLA and point of contact to bring in a ‘next generation managed service’ experience.

“By cherry-picking the best services on behalf of the customer, we can align their financial management requirements on the cost side. While our smart-sourcing ideology enables us to bring more options onto the client’s table, our single window service delivery model ensures utmost accountability and speed of support,” mentions Oscar Garcia, COO of the company. The firm’s dynamic duo of advanced analytics and global IT infrastructure of management services assists clients to drive innovation and efficiencies within their business. From scaling operations to enhancing application availability and eliminating downtime, the company manages all the layers of IT infrastructure with its Global IT as a Service capable of remote management of IT resources. In addition to being favorably backed by the global presence of telecom behemoth NTT Corporation, the company leverages extensive automation across all stages of their services be it discovery, deployment or operation, to deliver high-quality, fast-turn-around solutions. This enables NTT Com’s engineers to proactively focus their time on auditing and pre-empting potential problems while the model constantly checks for error conditions and trends, and raises alerts for engineers to fix even before an instance occurs. As a result, NTT Com’s support team will have intimate knowledge of the customer solution and business needs.

The company is amongst the early birds to support Microsoft AzureStack for hybrid cloud environments.

NTT Com’s single window service delivery model ensures utmost accountability and speed of support

With full migration and outsourcing skills in readiness for the Microsoft product, which when launched in September will place NTT Com among the pioneer global managed solution providers capable of implementing and operating this new solution. Besides holding SAP Certified Outsourcing Operations Partner certification for hosting, cloud and HANA operations services, the company has also aligned itself perfectly following the market’s proclivity toward the bimodal IT framework for unobstructed provisioning of IT services.

A case scenario of one of NTT’s clients substantiates the efficacy of managed service offering, wherein the client, an internationally renowned consumer and enterprise-grade imaging solutions provider, leveraged NTT’s managed service as a platform to quickly deploy fast and scalable web servers in a matter of minutes. The ‘pay for use’ model enabled the client to pay for only the resources they had consumed and extricated them from the hassles of long term contracts. The client’s private and enterprise cloud instances in two European countries were integrated with the managed European WAN from NTT Com. With NTT Com’s synergic mix of capabilities and global presence, the client was able to achieve an efficient and agile IT model that complied with the highest standards of security and business continuity.

Looking ahead, in addition to expanding its managed services footprint in USA, EU and APAC regions, NTT Com plans to sharpen their proactive services through smart automation. “The idea is not to just automate human tasks, but enable our engineers to avoid doing non-automatable tasks, and provide them with timely information and insight so that they can make better and faster decisions. That's our core strategy service-wise,” concludes Garcia.

NTT Com Managed Services

Barcelona, Spain

Oscar Garcia, COO

An agile infrastructure agnostic and end-to-end global managed services provider that serves customers with a single contract, SLA and point of contact for all technology solutions

NTT Com Managed Services