Nuage Consulting Group: Simplifying Business Management Processes via cloud solutions

Currently, the most common catchphrase within the IT landscape is “Cloud Computing” and most of the companies have reformed the outdated techniques of business management by employing cloud-based infrastructure. However, several companies still face difficulty in aligning their pre-Internet accounting and financial systems to the way their businesses are changing as these out-dated systems were not designed to adapt to constant changes and restructuring, which could be cost prohibitive and time consuming. Nuage Consulting Group, an ERP Solution provider, helps fill this void by assisting companies to be strategic and focus on numerous business challenges. “At Nuage, we focus exclusively on NetSuite as an ERP Solution, a fully integrated suite of products that run on the same database and were architecturally designed to be flexible,” says Lou Balla, President of Nuage Consulting Group. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, the company helps customers to transition to the cloud, thus streamlining their operations and business, and leading to increased profitability.

“We focus exclusively on NetSuite as an ERP Solution, a fully integrated Suite of products that all run on the same database and were architecturally designed to be flexible”

Nuage is a provider of Real-Time ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce solutions and helps clients with Corporate Performance Management (CPM) as well. Furthermore, their solutions enable companies to make faster and more informed decisions with the help of data stored in their ERP systems. The company’s prime product, Netsuite—a cloud-based business management suite—is a comprehensive solution that simplifies customer relationship management, order entry, E-commerce, accounting, billing, supply chain and HCM. The company has also developed unique modules to address complex requirements of larger organizations such as revenue recognition, multi-book accounting, multisubsidiary, as well as multi-currency and multi-language. Organizations have the freedom to run and enhance all aspects of their business through NetSuite.“Nuage’s implementation of these cloud business management suites helps lower overall costs by better aligning our client’s technology with their business needs,” affirms Balla.
Lou Balla, President
“We have had the good fortune of working with a multitude of clients to help resolve complications in their business processes with NetSuite,” says Balla. For instance, a software-based company was managing all of its revenue recognition via spreadsheets which consumed almost a months’ time and the process became difficult as they continued to grow. By deploying NetSuite’s Revenue Recognition Module, the company was able to reduce this process to one week. Another client, a distributor, had five distinct companies, all running on different instances of QuickBooks and was managing all of their intercompany transactions through spreadsheets and journal entries. Subsequently, they had tremendous challenges in producing acceptable financial statements for banks and investors. After implementing One World, NetSuite’s multi-company product, the company was able to automate the intercompany transactions and generate financial statements that were audit proof.

Nuage provides ERP solutions for varied industries, from non-profits to manufacturing, media and publishing, and healthcare. This experience enables Nuage to assist clients through the implementation processes. “We work hand in hand with our customers throughout the process, we work onsite and are comfortable doing the majority of the heavy lifting since our customers have a day job in addition to being responsible for the ERP implementation,” affirms Balla.

Moving ahead, the company plans to expand its operations to the West Coast as their initial focus had been on the East Coast. “We are starting to work with customers on the West Coast and are looking to expand our presence there so that we can truly be bi-coastal,” says Balla. After working with specialized modules within NetSuite, the company is now looking forward to stretching the capabilities of ERP systems further to make the process more efficient.

Nuage Consulting Group

Bethesda, MD

Lou Balla, President

Provider of cloud based Real-Time ERP, CRM, Ecommerce solutions and Corporate Performance Management (CPM)