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Sunil Khandekar Founder & CEO All enterprises are not cast in the same mold; their contexts on business requirements and priorities may vary. But one thing remains the same—they spare no effort when it comes to delivering rich products and superior user experiences to their consumers. Whether it is providing application instances or compute power, or upgrading their network capacity, the ability to do all this rapidly and reliably, is now a tenet to win the IT service delivery game. Iono’s President, Dinesh Goradia explains that although cloud may emerge as the “pat answer” to expediting IT services, cloud migration is a Gordian knot to untie. Businesses often fail to arrive at a rational decision, whether they should adopt private, public, or hybrid cloud. This is where Iono has banked on its expert know-how in helping businesses with the decision-making quandary and ultimately accelerating their hybrid cloud adoption. “Iono’s focus is to help its clients make the right decision between private, hybrid and public clouds, reducing accompanying risks of implementation,” says Goradia, who has also channeled his serial entrepreneurship skills into building Iono.

With a current addressed large and explosive market, Iono has earmarked its growth strategy for the IaaS space and is busy extending its capabilities in building PaaS and DevOps infrastructures to provide additional value to existing and new enterprise clients. For the most part, Iono’s solutions leverage VMware technology, targeting a $5 billion market, which embraces a range of opportunities in operations analytics, DevOps, and NFV infrastructure. Till date, Iono has over 100 completed projects in its bag, including some of Fortune’s prominent names that have helped the company clinch a highly successful track-record.

Dynamic Shift to Hybrid Cloud

For organizations that seek to extend their data centers to a hybrid cloud structure, Iono’s Quick IT solution is a huge windfall. It ensures that the client’s requirement is matched with the right vendor, size, and service level along with functionalities like intelligent operations, policy- based automation, governance, and logical application modeling. “Quick IT liberates enterprises from the conventional service delivery model that heavily relies on time-consuming, siloed, manual processes,” states Goradia.
The solution harnesses the power of automation in a way where the benefits for the users are manifold. By reducing the infrastructure provisioning time from months to minutes, they can expedite delivery and management of infrastructure, application, and custom services while improving overall IT efficiency. “Today, we can deploy a validated solution in five to eight weeks and this can be further reduced by using deployment automation,” says Goradia.

Quick IT allows three scalable configuration options—small, medium, and large. If the business prefers a smaller configuration, they can opt to have 4,000 managed vCPUs deployed; whereas medium has a capacity of 10,000 managed vCPUs. Larger enterprises, on the other hand, can have 20,000 managed vCPUs in place. To make it even more simple, Iono empowers customers with the ability to streamline the build process by assembling applications from pre-built components using a visual canvas that has a drag-and-drop interface.

QuickIT enables organizations in meeting an extensive range of requirements that includes micro-segmentation and network virtualization along with performance, capacity, cost, and compliance management. “Businesses can attain up to 50 percent CapEx reduction, bringing unit costs down to the levels comparable with that of public clouds,” states Goradia. In one of the implementation highlights, Iono facilitated a hybrid cloud migration for a high tech printer manufacturing company in lesser than eight weeks.

Winning the Cloud Game with Advanced Security

Iono understands that any solution without a robust security mechanism would be a recipe for disaster. To that end, their purpose-built Security and Threat Management (STM) solution for hybrid clouds secures the delivery of applications, processes, and custom services while improving overall IT efficiency. Drawing on the power of machine learning, big data, proprietary threat models, and other algorithmic processes, the solution enables businesses to anticipate the threats that might arise in an IT environment. STM discovers a broad range of threats, including traditional DDoS, malware, advanced persistent threats, compromised credentials, and insider threats. What’s more, performing disaster recovery and third-party integrations no longer remains herculean tasks as the Quick IT solution comes along with self-service features.
The creators of Iono are aware of the fact that a vast majority of threats originate from internally compromised sources—employees and machines. STM trumps the conventional challenge of intercepting insider attacks by understanding user behavior for quicker detection of cyberthreats to enable its clients to visualize how users, devices, and applications interact. “Our solution reduces the number of false positives significantly, helping our clients focus only on those alerts that are meaningful,” says Goradia.

The Power of Analytics

STM comprises of two functional sets— Control Collection Engine (CCE) and Analytics and Policy Engine (APE). First off, CCE begins with fetching the metadata from networks and log information of devices, applications, and processes that are running within the operational environment. Then, the APE that underpins the centralized processing of CCE information feeds generates and performs multiple phases of analytics.

Aware of the budgetary constraints faced by SMBs while revving up their security mechanism, Iono works to level up their security to be on a par with enterprise-grade security, in an economical way. The deployment of STM requires zero training and can be easily deployed as a single VM or single instance as well as multi-server clusters in environments such as VMware, or native bare metal deployments. As the solution reduces expenditure on account of advanced threat detection mechanisms, clients can reduce their operational and capital spends.

Proactive Operational Analytics

Iono adds a protective edge to the client’s infrastructure through its IT Operation Analytics ITOA. The solution combines advanced machine learning, built-in knowledge, and scalable big data architecture for hybrid cloud environments. With its dashboards and intelligent alarms, ITOA offers insights into performance metrics, event logs, configuration and topology data across compute, network, storage and application silos. ITOA utilizes an inbuilt, curated, and crowd-sourced knowledge base to provide actionable recommendations for remediation and builds analytical informational models for network topology, behaviors, and anomalies.

What’s in Store?

“Looking to the future, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is critical for telecom carriers as they make the transition from 4G to 5G.” Goradia says that Iono is knee-deep in the waters and is developing a comprehensive suite of NFV solutions. The company will work with accredited industry partners to enable rapid global adoption and deployment of 5G technology.

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