Nubeprint: Encouraging Cost Driven Business

Antonio Sanchez, CEO
Nubeprint develops and delivers Business Process Automation software to curb the stringent requirements of the Managed Print Services (MPS) industry. The company was established in 2010 but its expertise in MPS started from 1998. Antonio Sanchez Navarro, President of Nubeprint, patented the first DCA ever back in year 2000; this was 5 years before the next DCA was ever launched. Since then, Antonio has had 6 other patents in MPS.

“Our all these years of experience is just a simple proof of the extent Nubeprint is focused on MPS, and to the extent our know-how positions Nubeprint technology years ahead of anyone else,” says Sanchez Navarro. “Nubeprint’s goal has always been to provide the technology that solves problems and automates recurrent tasks, so that the client can dedicate their effort to more value-added aspects,” he adds. The company provides an engine, built on a flexible Linux cloud based technology, powering a streamlined MPS solution. It incorporates its Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the system as a way to filter data collected and trigger accurate decisions. “We are unique in the way we handle printers and copiers; we get familiar with the device and measure its MPS compliance. We further publish the MPS compliant results in a report twice a year as a proof of transparency,” asserts Sanchez.

The firm renders its clients a product called MPS ‘Zero’ that addresses the need of smaller MPS service providers to manage printers without any effort, and training and involves minimal investment. The product is designed to be intuitive from installation to results. It comes with a dashboard that provides online visibility to the status of printers and copiers, their performance, trends, alerts for consumables and for technical support.

For larger players, Nubeprint brings its fully featured ‘Nubeprint Enterprise’ that provides an overall impact on the MPS service provider: auto-procurement, cost per page module, fully customized multi-language communications, unlimited reporting, warehouse improvement and many more.
“Nubeprint Enterprise includes a universal connector that links the system with any ERP in order to automate the order procurement and the cost per page billing processes. The Universal Connector facilitates links to sales tools (for proposal generation), assessment tools and Big Data management,” says Sanchez. Nubeprint Enterprise is built to integrate in the IT infrastructure of the client, reinforcing its current systems and streamlining processes.

Nubeprint’s goal has always been to provide the technology that solves problems and automates recurrent tasks, so that the client can dedicate his effort to more value-added aspects

Nubeprint has assisted several entities around the world with its built-in AI and process management engine that ensures their ROI. For instance, the firm assisted a client to fulfill their contract with a national bank to automatically supply consumables to an install base of 13,000 printers and copiers. Nubeprint Universal Connector was used to automatically import all changes that were taking place in the inventory, on a daily basis. As a result, Nubeprint identified that 40 percent of the inventory data was not correct, and therefore, the data facilitated by Nubeprint helped to fix it. “As of now, the inventory is kept up to date automatically, and auto-procurement is keeping the end-customer satisfied, and saving costs to our client,” says Sanchez.

Nubeprint dedicates huge efforts in preparing fully tailored procedures and build links to the client’s existing systems. In April, the company plans to introduce V3, the third version of the dashboard that would integrate all the services that are part of MPS. “Everywhere people want to monitor anything. So we consider using the built-in intelligence of Nubeprint to address new industries that are eager efficiency,” Sanchez concludes.


Ann Arbor, MI

Antonio Sanchez, CEO

A technology company that develops and delivers software and hardware solutions in MPS arena.

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