Nubera: The IT Automation Specialist

Dirk De Meirsman, Co-founder & CEO
Nubera’s voyage into the enterprise landscape began with a strong vision: Enabling the delivery of any IT service on any platform with a single click. Today, this vision translates into all the things they do, enabling organizations to become innovative, flexible and cost-efficient businesses with the power of IT automation, making IT universally accessible.

By making flexible IT infrastructure a reality, Nubera helps businesses to be on par with the speed of digital transformation that’s happening today. The company’s expertise lies in assisting organizations to realize the full potential of cloud-native technologies and automation, with a principle that “cloud is not necessarily a destination, rather, a way of building an IT infrastructure.” The crux here is allowing organizations to use the on-premise infrastructure in a more flexible and cloud-enabled manner. This will help them deliver efficient IT services with seamless automation and flexibility.

“The key is to have productive users by giving them access to all the tools in a transparent and secure way,” says Dirk De Meirsman, Co-Founder, and CEO, Nubera. This is achieved by optimizing their existing infrastructure using technologies from virtualization to cloud, and integrating the components together, while automating the services.

Nubera follows a unique approach in their client engagements. Before deciding the technologies to provision, experts at Nubera listen to the customer’s requirements, verifies their current infrastructure blueprint, and their plans. “Once we get the whole picture, our experts get to work on realizing the client’s transformation,” explains De Meirsman. The projects are complemented with powerful automation tools for constant configuration management throughout the entire lifecycle of the component, application, or service.

Rather than locking the client into a single technology, Nubera provides them with an open architecture framework that allows enterprises to adapt to the right technology despite the situation. They call it the Single Point of Truth (SPOT).

The key is to have productive users by giving them access to all the tools in a transparent and secure way

The company also leverages VMware’s vRealize Suite to offer enterprises the flexibility to manage workloads regardless the environment. Furthermore, the Company utilizes Puppet and Ansible that supports their open strategy infrastructures, for open source automation solutions. While facilitating the efficient delivery of IT services over cloud infrastructures, Nubera’s key point, IT automation, relieves their clients and employees from performing repetitive tasks and improve productivity with seamless agility and security, allowing them to focus on innovation and deeper problem solving.

With a service portfolio that spans digital workspace, cloud management, and cloud infrastructure, Nubera has assisted many IT organizations including Gimv, and Kinepolis in automating their IT infrastructures. In one such instance, Nubera assisted a financial institution that wanted to develop their own Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to become more efficient and agile. Nubera’s experts implemented the concept, using lines of codes to define the infrastructure with VMware. “We integrated things like configuration management tools to make the deployment complete,” says De Meirsman.

With many success stories like this under their belt, Nubera focuses on fulfilling its ultimate vision within the IT arena in the long run—allowing IT organizations to leverage the power of automation and become a cost-effective partner to their business. The pathway also includes co-creating infrastructure blueprints that will successfully facilitate the customers’ move toward the cloud and modern infrastructures.


Belgium, Europe

Dirk De Meirsman, Co-founder & CEO

Enables IT organizations to become innovative, flexible and cost efficient business partner by automating their IT infrastructure