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Fabio Lucinari, CEO and Sales Director
Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has not left anyone unscathed; but Latin America has arguably experienced the worst health, economic, and societal fallout over the past two years. However, there have been glimmers of hope, and the expected recovery has been opening many opportunities for the region to come out of the COVID-19 crisis more efficiently. We are already seeing a significant number of local businesses, ranging from small retailers and startups to agricultural firms, adopting digital technologies to move past the hurdle called the COVID-19 pandemic and improve their business resiliency.

But even in that stride, many organizations are facing a tough time accelerating their move to the cloud. Fabio Lucinari, CEO and sales director of Nublify, explains: To get the full benefits of the cloud, a lot of data migration planning is required. Several topics should be considered, such as what the necessary investments should be, how to efficiently migrate applications and data to the cloud, which is the right time to migrate, and what must be risk mitigation approaches. Bringing all these answers under one roof is Nublify. “We create and execute bespoken plans and make your cloud migration a success,” says Lucinari. Nublify stitches together a combination of management services, processes, and tools that accelerates its clients’ business readiness.

To this end, Nublify offers advisory services that guide Latin American businesses in migrating their workloads to public and private clouds. Nublify assists its clients in planning, executing, and testing these migrated environments with robust, agile cloud migration methodologies, ensuring utmost success for its clients. “Most importantly, we are cloud platform agnostic. Thus, we can support a wide variety of technology providers. Our autonomy gives us a broad perspective on the technology market and ensures that we deliver the best solutions for our clients’ businesses,” adds Lucinari. Whether the organizations are using single or multi-cloud vendors, Nublify’s consultants properly evaluate each client, process, or workload to determine the best cloud migration strategy.

What’s more? Nublify doesn’t follow a mere ‘lift and shift’ ideology for its clients. Instead, the company offers an extensive suite of managed IT services for its clients after successful cloud migration. “This is because the challenge of cloud adoption doesn’t just end with migration concerns. The biggest challenges actually begin after migrating to the cloud,” says Lucinari. So, Nublify’s managed IT services comprise applications, infrastructure, and databases management to cater to any client prerequisites arising from their public or private cloud migration.

Our autonomy gives us a broad perspective on the technology market and ensures that we deliver the best solutions for our clients’ businesses

Besides, Nublify also helps its clients in terms of data backup, which Lucinari refers to as one of the linchpins of uninterrupted business continuity. And for this, Nublify has created NubliSafety. “Through this offering, we bring advanced features of high-cost data backup management solutions at a more reasonable pricing,” says Lucinari. Having said that, NubliSafety, which can be offered via the “as a service” model, ensures backup with the highest level of security. Besides, every cloud server of NubliSafety comes with a license that informs businesses of the estimated cost of using that particular server. Businesses can thus carry out their migration by viewing and comparing the prices of different servers.

At this juncture, Lucinari shares a recent success story of Nublify to best describe how clients can benefit from their data backup offering. Recently, a leading accounting firm sought Nublify’s help in finding an efficient, secure, and affordable automated backup solution capable of managing more than 12 million files every day. Previously, the organization’s files were backed up in a complex and static on-prem storage solution, which was much more susceptible to human errors. To change this status quo, Nublify implemented NubliSafety to store the client’s backup files in a hybrid environment, instead of completely settling for on-prem. As a result, the client could simplify their data backup tasks. And, at the same time, they could also free up the employees who were previously taking hours to manage the manual data backup process, thus optimizing their workflow for improved productivity.

With many similar success stories highlighting Nublify’s name in the Latin American tech space, the company is now looking to enhance its cloud competencies even more in the coming months. Today, under the able leadership of Fabio Lucinari, (CEO), Marcus Araujo (CFO), Edilson Pimentel (CTO) and Jane Greco (Investing Partner)—the owners of the company—Nublify is hoping to grow by at least 45 percent in the coming months. “So we want to be prepared to onboard and help new clients from all quarters of Latin America. Through this, we are looking to take Latin America on the most exciting cloud journey,” concludes Lucinari.


Sao Paolo, Brazil

Fabio Lucinari, CEO and Sales Director

Nublify offers advisory services that guide Latin American businesses in migrating their workloads between public and private clouds with robust, agile cloud migration methodologies.