Nullafi: Creating a New Standard in the Cybersecurity Landscape

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Robert Yoskowitz, CEO & Co-Founder and Stephen Yoskowitz, Co-Founder & COO
In light of the ever-increasing number of cyberattacks, it has become clear that breaches are inevitable. For the modern IT leader, it’s no longer a question of “if” a breach will occur, but “when.” Regardless of the methods adopted for data protection—whether it’s the use of firewalls, encryption, or other security software—recent data breaches and cyberattacks have shown us just how helpless companies are in the event of an incident. There are a myriad of touchpoints through which hackers can gain access to data, and companies need a security solution that will not just minimize but also neutralize potential threats. Security professionals need a way to make data breaches harmless, and Nullafi’s technology is a perfect fit.

Nullafi’s solution combines data aliasing, vaulting, encryption and monitoring to create what they call a Privacy Loss Prevention (“PLP”) solution. It is purpose-built to protect sensitive data in a way that can secure both legacy and new infrastructures such that the data retains all usefulness to the enterprise, but in the event of a breach the data is impossible for a hacker to use or reverse engineer into its original form. It is best viewed as a powerful, automated security and privacy layer, which dramatically decreases enterprise and customer hacking exposure and phishing vulnerability, without the need to change user behaviors. It allows businesses to continue performing existing operations as normal, while in the background, their database is de-risked, selectively anonymized, and made useless to hackers. Due to the inherent ability to anonymize and control identity-related data, their PLP solution also helps satisfy privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, among others.

Balancing Security and Convenience

A data breach can have a catastrophic effect on the future of a business, as even a minor attack that compromises a very small number of records jeopardizes an entire system’s integrity. While working in San Francisco at a law firm specializing in emerging companies and at the Defense Intelligence Agency (respectively), co-founding brothers Robert and Stephen were bothered by the lack of accountability and the short-sightedness of then-available cybersecurity solutions. While different industries and businesses have different data practices and needs, the commonality among them is that they all use incredible amounts of data every day. Robert and Stephen recognized that while there was an entire ecosystem of solutions out there to try and prevent breaches, there wasn’t an easy-to-use solution that would answer the question of what happens when all those preventive measures inevitably fail. The Yoskowitz brothers founded Nullafi with the mission of providing organizations with a new standard in data protection—an easy-to-deploy integration that is not only threat, infrastructure, and data-type agnostic, but also doesn’t impact business operations. “We were driven by the goal of creating a truly unique security solution with the capability to future-proof enterprise data storage. There is an entire category of Data Loss Prevention tools on the market, but we’re the first Privacy Loss Prevention (“PLP”) solution; our platform is specifically designed to protect data that, in the event of a breach, can critically impact both enterprises and their customers,” asserts Robert.

Privacy Loss Prevention - A New Standard in Data Security

As the news continues to be filled with daily reports of data breaches of organizations spanning every size and industry, security executives are under ever-increasing pressure to enhance their security systems to protect all components of their stored data.

We’re not just Data Loss Prevention, we’re Privacy Loss Prevention

“Our Privacy Loss Prevention solution helps these executives by providing an easy to implement and integrative product that fundamentally and uniquely secures data in a way unlike any other solution on the market,” explains Stephen.

The company focuses on structured data (including PII) and provides protection in the most cost-effective and scalable way possible. Nullafi’s API/SDKs allow clients to integrate with all legacy and next-gen infrastructures within hours to provide instant data protection. With its simple API, Nullafi even allows organizations to change or reverse the data they protect at any time according to their accessibility and security needs. “We complete the security ecosystem by configuring our security layer to the exact specifications of our customers to address their unique cybersecurity situation and data needs. After assessing the cybersecurity requirements of each client, we help them implement our solution in the right way to keep their data fully usable to them while nullifying any threat against them,” explains Stephen.

Driving Results With a Data-Driven Culture

The increased level of government recognition of cybersecurity risk and the impact of breaches on people has brought the issue of risk mitigation to the forefront of both policy and practice. As an emerging player in the cybersecurity space, Nullafi is known for delivering turn-key security solutions to enterprises that require instant, non-intrusive data protection solutions. As one example of their clientele, a medical research facility with multiple external partnerships was struggling to handle millions of records containing both PHI (Protected Health Information) and PII. Meaningful analysis was difficult as their data was stored in a variety of locations, and they knew that a single security event could bring all their operations to an incredibly costly halt. In partnership with Nullafi, this medical facility deployed Nullafi’s API/SDKs and refreshed their databases to remove all unnecessary liability in storing patient details. Analysis and data sharing both within the organization and with outside parties were simplified, as was their vendor management, since the use of the “aliases” could be terminated at will. “No behavioral modification is required on the customer’s side because once the integration is done, the whole program runs in the background,” states Robert.

According to Robert, what also differentiates Nullafi from other vendors are the pillars upon which the company was built—trust, transparency, and simplicity. He further adds that the company’s work culture is centered around taking personal responsibility and accountability within a general framework of support and collaboration, resulting in all team members having a voice and input into the company’s trajectory.

Nullafi’s team strives to transform cybersecurity, and the company’s encouragement of cross-level communication is at the heart of its core values. “We want to be the premier provider of Privacy Loss Prevention (“PLP”) solutions. We are creating a new standard for security and are honored to be recognized as being able to fill this existing gap of data protection in the cybersecurity landscape,” asserts Robert.


Chicago, Illinois

Robert Yoskowitz, CEO & Co-Founder and Stephen Yoskowitz, Co-Founder & COO

The company provides a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that nullifies threats against structured data