Numeric Computer Systems: Reducing Shrinkage for Direct Store Delivery Companies

Wayne Hochberg, EVP & CFO
The consumer goods industry is witnessing a need for integrated solutions that reduce the costs and risks associated with maintaining or developing in-house or third-party vendor solutions. Focused on the needs of the consumer goods industry for over 50 years, Numeric Computer Systems, Inc. (NCS) has kept pace with the revolutionary changes in the sector and has garnered a reputation for offering state-of-the-art solutions.

Currently in its seventh generation, NCS’ software offerings automate back-office functions and meet the requirements of mobile sales and delivery workers. The wide-ranging functionality of their systems includes accounting, manufacturing, route distribution, sales, delivery, and merchandising. The flagship back office solution, eRMS, manages the order to cash needs of a Direct Store Delivery Company. eRMS is available as an on-premise and cloud solution. The Mobility Suite, Xpedium Mobility, manages the communications to the mobile devices, as well as provides the sales, delivery and merchandising needs of the mobile workers of a Direct Store Delivery Company. Xpedium Mobility is offered on both rugged specific use devices and consumer-grade devices.

Xpedium Mobility is highly integrated to eRMS but also available to companies that already have a different accounting or ERP system. This comprehensive product suite delivers reliable and cost-effective mobile workforce solutions on a variety of devices like vehicle optimization products and even consumer-grade tablets and smartphones.

Cream-O-Land Dairy is one of the many customers that rely on NCS as a direct store delivery business partner. The company utilizes the full suite of NCS products for their accounting to mobile solutions. With the eRMS Route Accounting software for electronic data exchange (EDI), Cream-O-Land can manage and process orders, report truck and driver inventories, and more. The robust order-to-cash accounting and inventory management software solution allows the dairy to streamline operations across multiple lines-of-business, distribution centers, and the entire supply chain.

We are unique because of our cutting-edge technology that is combined with 50 years of experience and a tremendous focus on superior customer service

Additionally, the dairy leverages the power of NCS’ e-commerce offering, fully integrated with eRMS Route Accounting, to allow customers to place orders, instantly access pricing, inventory levels, order status, and history through a web-based interface.

One of the advantages of NCS is the flexibility of its products. Its software is designed to be continuously updated. Wayne Hochberg, EVP and CFO of NCS, explains, “As we add new functionality and features to our solutions, we distribute them to all of our clients for their potential use, which is controlled by a configuration setting in the client environment. This maintains backward compatibility while offering new functionality and features to be deployed at the clients’ discretion.

FMCG Companies are often characterized by delivering high volumes of products at a high frequency with a low-profit margin. This means the efficiency of software managing that supply chain is critical to profitability as the difference between profits and losses is extremely slim. NCS stands out in the industry by offering customers a complete, dynamic and accurate way to track the supply chain. The system automatically manages valuable inventory as it moves through the supply chain from manufacturing to inventory to delivery route to store reducing shrinkage. Hochberg concludes by sharing the secret to NCS’ success, “We are unique because of our cutting-edge technology that is combined with 50 years of experience and a tremendous focus on superior customer service.”

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Wayne Hochberg, EVP & CFO

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