nuPSYS: Visualization of the Entire Network and its Dynamics in Real-Time

Dmitry Bokotey, CTO and Founder
“It is an undeniable fact that Cisco technology makes up 85 percent of the global networking market, and its networks are so large and complex that it is difficult to troubleshoot even by the Cisco certified networking experts,” says Dmitry Bokotey, CTO and Founder, nuPSYS. He further explains that the skill sets offered by Cisco for the network engineers often help them find problems, but the troubleshooting may take 8 to 10 hours—a luxury the likes of Walmart or NASDAQ cannot afford. Furthermore, humans cannot visualize millions of networking events and linked devices simultaneously and effectively. Being a networking veteran, who worked for Cisco for over a decade, Dmitry sensed the need for a solution that is inherently brain-friendly with powerful visualization of networks’ Big Data and their analytics that can narrow down network problems and optimization opportunities rapidly and real-time, and founded nuPSYS.

nuPSYS’s flagship, nuGEN, with patented Visualization and GPU-powered architecture and technology, offers the unprecedented ability to visualize and manage networks through a single integrated dashboard that makes it easy to comprehend what one sees. “The solution provides truly a real-time view of the network which is crucial for the enterprises and service providers worldwide,” says Bokotey. “For instance, as NASDAQ brokers watch the market in real-time, similarly, nuGEN offers real-time view of network,” he adds.

nuGEN’s correlation analytics capabilities not only help in monitoring the network, but also model certain behaviors that users can adopt to optimize their networks. It configures devices in the network based on expansion, disaster recovery, even failures due to misconfigurations. “Our unique Real-Time Visualization, Simplification and Analytics dramatically improve the effectiveness, visibility and cost of operating IP-Networks for Enterprises, Service Providers, and IoT. nuPSYS benefits are equally applicable for Legacy, SDN, and Virtual Networks. It even tracks the router configuration change required to address an outage by the engineer. All the while, automatically capturing the configuration changes dynamically every step of the process,” remarks Reza Ahy, CEO and President, nuPSYS.
Of all the sensory impressions proceeding to the brain, the visual experiences are the dominant ones. “nuPSYS has created nuGEN based on this fact, and it uses human interaction through visualization and brain massive parallel processing,” says Ahy. “It is the first network visualization solution to offer a 3D interface, giving the entirely new perspective of one’s network,” he adds. Through the nuPSYS’s patented technology, network devices are rendered in both 2D and 3D topology views showing complex network in a graphical interface designed for human understanding. The users can visualize MRI-quality connectivity view of the entire network architecture—be it legacy, SDN, or virtual infrastructure—ranging from PCs, wireless devices, and smartphones to core routers, switches, firewalls, even technology transporting the packet. “nuGEN is the first application in the market to provide SDN Visualization through a 3D Controller,” adds Ahy.

nuGEN acts as a browser, with user-friendly interface, to control the otherwise complex CML with point and click simplicity

Going beyond Cisco networks, nuPSYS has also extended their network visualization expertise to Cisco Modelling Labs (CML), a scalable and extensible software platform for designing, simulating, and testing network models. Combining CML and nuGEN helps to visualize large virtual networks, monitor them in real-time, create what-if scenarios, and watch the impact in 3D and on specific routing protocols. “nuGEN acts as a browser, with user-friendly interface, to control the otherwise complex CML with point and click simplicity,” says Bokotey. nuPSYS wants to foster its Cisco partnership and take CML to an all new level. “We will leverage our partnership with Cisco to remove the complexity in managing today’s networks through a unique visual experience and create a solution that provides comprehension of relationships between applications through spatial consciousness,” concludes Bokotey.


Palo Alto, CA

Dmitry Bokotey, CTO and Founder and Reza Ahy, CEO and President

NuPSYS’s patented 3-D visualization and analytics software simplifies network automation and management across multiple technologies.