NuTEQ Solutions: Mobilizing the Customer Experience

Mike Roddy , CEO
Customer satisfaction has always topped the itinerary of companies voyaging through the utilities and services space. Utility companies are gradually waking up to the fact that customers need alternative communication channels to optimize and differentiate service delivery in the marketplace.

“There are several hundred utilities in the country, including a handful of large ones that have tremendous resources. However, most are small operators with limited resources,” remarks Mike Roddy, CEO, NuTEQ Solutions. In a hyper-competitive world, NuTEQ, an Alpharetta, GA based company differentiates itself through its ability to identify and adapt to new technology, to deliver advanced (affordable) solutions to service providers on much faster cycles than previously available. “Going with the technology trend, we offer both cloud-based and on-site solutions.”

NuTEQ Solutions was founded by a group of industry veterans with a first-hand experience of operating in the service provider industry. The GOCare platform is the company’s flagship solution catering to the needs of service providers looking for cost-effective communication channels that reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction. GOCare delivers critical account information— proactively and on-demand— through two-way SMS messaging between the subscriber and the provider’s back office systems. In one instance, NuTEQ’s client, a broadband company, experienced excessive monthly call volumes with a majority of these calls being basic queries. The deployment of the GOCare platform opened up a proactive communication channel, enabling text notifications of critical account information in real time. As a result, customer service representatives were free to address crucial customer service issues while simple enquiries like service outages, appointments, balance, and due dates were taken care of by GOCare’s two way texting features.

Modularity speeds integration and reduces costs:

Owing to the modular nature of the platform, the clients’ need to buy only those aspects of GOCare that will add value to their operations. Billing, Operations and the Marketing /Campaign Management modules are each standalone offerings.

We only get paid if the customers are actually using the service. So from that perspective we become a long term partner for a Utilities service provider

NuTEQ recently added a Home Security module. “GOCare runs on a cloud based API which reduces costs and speeds integration because so much of the integration work is already done. GOCare’s design mitigates the burden on the client's IT staff throughout deployment,” explains Roddy

Carrier Routing and Management System (CRMS), another key application from NuTEQ is a telecom based solution that caters to utilities offering telecom services. The features of this unique solution include least cost routing, fraud management, and traffic monitoring capabilities.

Being familiar with the challenges faced by the Utilities, NuTEQ’s aim was to solve the real problems they experienced firsthand as operators. That mindset helped shape NuTEQ’s unique “shared-risk” pricing model for its GOCare solution, based on the premise of sharing the benefits and risks of deploying the technology. “We only get paid if the customers are actually using the service. So from that perspective we become a long term partner for a Utilities service provider,” explains Roddy.

Moving forward, the company is investigating a usage-based high speed data offering where service providers can monitor traffic volumes in real time. An aggressive expansion plan is on the anvil for NuTEQ in the next 12-18 months, wherein they will leverage the modularity factor of the GOCare platform to cater to utilities in the broadband space, both domestically and internationally.

NuTEQ Solutions

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Mike Roddy , CEO

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